Michelle Obama Spends $8,350/Night Taxpayer Dollars to Tick Off Beijing Hotel Staff

Both Barack and Michelle Obama constantly try to tell Americans that they are not elite but representative of the middle working class, but we all know that it is just another lie that they are so adept at telling.  They take far more vacations than the average middle working class and they do so with the greatest expense possible.  Sadly, that expense is being paid for by you and me, not by the Obamas.

In their latest travels, First Lady Michelle Obama is in Beijing, China along with her two daughters and mother. Yes, we taxpayers are still paying for Michelle’s mother to live a life of luxury and travel the world.  Perhaps one of the reasons that very few of us can afford to travel the world is because we’re paying for Michelle’s mother to travel it instead.

The Obama ladies are staying in the 3,400 square foot presidential suite at the Westin Beijing Chaoyang Hotel.  Their stay is costing us taxpayers $8,350 per night.  The suite comes with a 24 hour butler and all kinds of other perks such as a private steam room.  Ah yes, it must be nice living the life of an average American middle working class family, isn’t it.

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But all is not rosy and nice in the land of Obama females, at least according to leaks from the hotel staff.  Ever since the foursome arrived at the hotel, Marian Robinson, Michelle’s mother has been barking orders to hotel staff as if she was the slave owner and the hotel staff were all her personal slaves.

US Chinese security staff turned the front doors to the 5 star luxury hotel into an airport like screening station.  Everyone, hotel staff and guests are being screened as if they were boarding a plane bound for anywhere.  Long before any of the Obama quads head towards a hotel elevator, US Secret Service agents commandeer the vertical transport service.

But perhaps the most indignant security measures taken on behalf of the fearsome foursome was the sudden eviction of paying guest staying on the top floors of the hotel.  Even though these guests had prior paid reservations for their executive stays at the Westin, the hotel had to suddenly move them to lesser quarters.

Speaking anonymously, a person who says they are part of the hotel concierge staff who speaks English reported that most of the hotel staff are fed up and ticked off with the Obamas and the way they treat everyone.  In typical Obama fashion, they act like they are high and mighty and don’t care what country they are in or who they offend.  Everything has to be done their way or everyone around catches hell.

China News Service on Friday described Michelle Obama as Mrs. Diplomatic, but I don’t think they spoke to any of the hotel staff or the hotel guests that were displaced.  Frankly, I have another more appropriate moniker for Michelle Obama, but my Christian faith keeps me from sharing it with you.  I’m sure you can figure out something close and come up with one of your own.

Regardless, the Obama ladies, and that’s using the term loosely, are spreading their self-righteous superiority across the Pacific, making the lives of one of our tenuous allies/enemies even more miserable than before.  That’s not exactly what I call diplomacy for the better good.

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