Michelle Obama Starving Thousands of American School Children

Recently, I reported how Michelle Obama’s health kick was causing schools to bully overweight students with so-called fat letters that shamed them because of their BMI. The school BMI police don’t take the time to consider the fact that some kids have medical conditions such as a hormone growth deficiency that causes students to put on weight even though they exercise and watch their diet.

Another negative result of Michelle’s healthy school lunch kick is the fact that it is costing many schools a lot more to purchase the healthier foods than what they used to serve. When so many schools are fighting deficit budgets, slashing programs and sports and laying off teachers, the last thing they need is to increase their spending on school lunches.

Worse yet is that thousands of school kids across the country are throwing away their healthy lunches or just refusing to take them in the first place. Reports are coming in from various parts of the county where school lunches have changed with the First Lady’s mandates.

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In New Mexico, regular tortillas were replaced with supposedly healthier whole grain tortillas and many of the school kids refused to eat them. Lyman Graham, Food Service Director for Consolidated Schools in Roswell commented on the situation saying:

“We can’t force students to eat something they don’t want. Many families in the Southwest will not accept whole-grain tortillas.”

“Schools can’t change cultural preferences, and with sky-high produce costs, we simply cannot afford to feed our trash cans.”

Tennessee schools replaced their traditional flaky white biscuits with a whole grain biscuit. Students across the state were angry over the change and refused to eat the healthier biscuits. They demanded to have their traditional biscuits back.

In Arkansas, students were given applesauce in small plastic containers. Students in Harrisburg stacked the containers of applesauce on the food trays, forming a large pyramid and then tossed them into the trash.

Georgia students were used to their southern fried chicken, but when that was removed from the menu, students refused the healthier replacements. Donna Martin, School Nutrition Director for Burke County Schools commented:

“In the South, do you not think that taking fried chicken off the menu was dangerous? It was. But we have an herb-baked chicken that our children love. We bake our French fries, and we have whole-grain, locally grown grits we do for breakfast that are awesome.”

She may think the baked chicken and French fries are awesome, but many students don’t.

In Virginia they are experiencing the increased financial pressures of providing more expensive but healthier meals and a decrease in student participation of the newer meals. Helen Phillips with the Norfolk schools stated:

“Some of that struggle comes from not being prepared, and some of it comes from attitudes [such as], ‘I can’t,’ ‘I won’t’ or ‘This is hard.’ Some people are having financial constraints. Some people have suffered a decrease in participation.”

In Washington DC, you would expect acceptance of Michelle Obama’s healthier lunches to be more widely accepted, but that’s not the case either. The local news reported:

“More than 60,000 low-income Washington, D.C.-area students are skipping school lunch each day, forgoing a free or reduced-price meal provided by taxpayers, according to a review of school district records by the News4 I-Team.”

“Local school districts are losing access to millions of dollars in federal subsides each month because of it. And some low-income children, who have limited access to balanced meals at home, are missing an opportunity to eat a nourishing meal at no cost.”

“The News4 I-Team investigation found approximately 24,000 low-income students are skipping lunch each day in Prince George’s County. Nearly 13,000 in Montgomery County, 4,000 in Frederick County, 4,600 in Prince William County and 7,600 in Fairfax County are doing the same.”

“School district officials said they lose access to $3 in U.S. Department of Agriculture reimbursements each and every time a low-income student forgoes taking a free-priced meal, which includes at least three pieces of food, including a fruit or vegetable. According to the records obtained by the I-Team, approximately $180,000 in USDA funding is surrendered each day.”

Matt Barber, Constitutional Attorney, Vice President of Liberty Counsel Action, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of BarbWire, reported on the school lunch situation writing:

“First Lady Michelle Obama has been aggressively promoting healthier lunches in the nation’s schools in an attempt to lower childhood obesity. At a roundtable discussion Tuesday at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, she decried efforts to roll back the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 as ‘unacceptable.’”

“’The last thing we can afford right now is to play politics with our kids’ health,’ Obama said.”

“Her efforts are starting to run afoul of the nation’s school boards. A letter sent to Congress Tuesday by the National School Boards Association, which represents over 14,000 school districts nationwide, begs Congress to grant schools more leeway to receive waivers from federal nutrition standards.”

“Congress may attempt to reduce pressure on schools as part of the process of marking up the 2015 budget for the Department of Agriculture, which administers school lunch programs.”

Just as her husband has been doing everything possible to ruin the American economy and job market, Michelle Obama seems to be doing the same thing with America’s public schools. She is causing schools to spend more money they don’t have to feed fewer students and cost the schools millions in lost federal funding. Instead of getting students to eat healthier, her actions are causing thousands of students to go hungry. Please explain to me how Michelle Obama’s health kick is helping anyone other than her socialist agenda?

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