Michigan Senate Committee Votes To Allow Conceal Carry Weapons In Schools

The battle over gun control versus gun rights has been waging for some time now. Every time another school shooting takes place, Democrats continue to call for stricter gun control. They want universal background checks, limited purchases of guns and ammunition, banning of assault, assault-style and even semi-automatic guns and more gun free zones.

They ignore the facts that most of the shootings are taking place in gun free zones because the shooter knows he/she will have less of a chance of facing someone with a gun. Democrats also ignore the fact that a number of mass shootings have been stopped or prevented early on in places where someone was armed or had easy access to their gun.

Some states have finally taken notice of just how vulnerable gun free zones are, especially around schools, so they have taken measures to allow school districts to train and arm school staff and faculty. Last July, Ohio passed such a law and a number of school districts decided to take a proactive stance and train and arm certain school staff and faculty. I recall on the local news that the training classes were flooded with applications from teachers and administrators, wanting to be trained and licensed to be armed in order to protect their students.

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It seems that Michigan is about to pass legislation to help protect schools throughout the state along with many other places that were once gun free zones. Current Michigan law prohibits conceal carry permit holders to carry their concealed weapons at schools unless they are just dropping off or picking up their kids. They are also prohibited from day care centers, sporting arenas and stadiums, entertainment facilities with 2,500 or more seats, bars, churches, hospitals, casinos, college and university classrooms and dormitories. The two bill package would allow people with legal conceal carry permits to carry their concealed weapons in these places. Private business owners will retain the right to ban all weapons, including conceal carry if they choose. Open carry weapons will still be prohibited.

In a brave move, the Michigan Senate Judiciary Committee voted 4-1 to approve Senate Bills 442 and 561. The bills will now go before the full Senate for a vote. Michigan’s state senate is currently made up of 27 Republicans and 11 Democrats. If it passes, it will move to the House where Republicans carry a much narrower lead of 51 Republicans to 46 Democrats and 3 vacant seats at the moment.

A number of educators spoke out against the bills, including Timothy Hall, Superintendent of Sault Ste. Marie Area Public. Hall is an avid hunter who holds a conceal carry permit and gun rights supporter, but he is avidly opposed to allowing conceal carry weapons on school campuses. He would prefer that legislation be passed to provide school districts with the funding to hire professionally trained armed security.

State Sen. Mike Green (R-Mayville) sponsored SB 442 and said that he understands the concerns of educators, but they need to be aware of the constitutional rights of law abiding gun owners, saying:

“We’re actually attempting to do them a favor. We as gun owners have every right in the world to carry in gun-free zones. Are we going to give that up?

“We’re trying to step back and say, ‘We’ll cover them up, if you guys are willing.’ “

At least one school official supports the bills. Fletcher Spears III, Superintendent of Clio Area Schools said he adamantly opposes gun free zones as they only serve to allow sick people to commit suicide along with taking other lives with them.

All anyone has to do is look at the places where most mass shootings take place and then look at how many have been stopped or prevented because of someone being armed. I always like to ask gun control advocates two questions: 1- When is the last time you heard of a bar frequented by police being held up and 2- If gun free zones at schools are so safe, then why are there a minimum of 11 armed guards at the school where Obama’s girls attend?

That pretty much ends the discussion.

Hopefully, the Michigan Senate and House will pass these two bills and Republican Governor Rick Snyder will sign them into law. Michigan’s kids and families need to be protected from lunatics and the only real protection is to allow parents, teachers, faculty and others to carry their concealed weapons at all times.


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