Middle East Embassy Attacks: A False Flag Moment?

As of this writing, there have been four attacks on U.S. embassies: one in Libya; one in Yemen; and two in Egypt. The Taliban in Afghanistan has called for “revenge” on U.S. soldiers.

Casualty accounts are fluctuating, but it seems at least four Americans are dead and two dozen injured.

All allegedly over a movie.

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The privately produced film in question, made by an Israeli-American businessman, Sam Bacile, is a cheesy, green-screen affair with bad acting and worse sound. There are better videos made by professionals on their laptops. Nonetheless, the little anti-Muslim propaganda film is being blamed for an explosion of violence all over the Middle East.

It’s obviously a pretext, or as Hitchcock would say, the MacGuffin that the entire plot spins around.

And “plot” is the correct word here, as the attacks are obviously coordinated. The only real questions are who are the plotters and what does each hope to achieve?

The Obama Administration is laid utterly bare in this situation — the egos, the incompetence, the pretensions, all of it.

If the Obama Administration supported the Arab Spring uprisings genuinely thinking that it had gained an ally in the Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslim extremist groups, only to be genuinely surprised at the recent events, then the administration is full of high-level idiots.

Obama’s missing of weeks of security briefings, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s expressions of surprise at the uprisings support this view.

If, on the other hand, the administration was induced to look the other way because of highly placed U.S. officials with known connections to the Muslim Brotherhood — such as Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin — then it’s not only incompetence but espionage of the highest order.

If, yet again, members of the administration or Congress — Clinton, Obama, etc. — had any inkling that we had Muslim spies working in the White House and did nothing about it or even argued publicly against senators who asked questions about security clearances — John McCain — then the case rises to the level of treason.

That there was a plot in the Muslim world from the get-go can be assumed. the timing and similarity in the attacks are a clear fingerprint of al Qaida, which in this case is a beard for the supposedly friendly Muslim Brotherhood, which has been negotiating with the Obama Administration for money to buy German U-boats.

The Blaze has an interesting story on the goals of the whole plot. Mideast experts are suggesting that the attacks are the culmination of a 10-year plan (one of those “conspiracy theories” that liberals don’t believe in because it doesn’t involve George Bush) to make criticizing Islam an international crime.

This would be a key foothold for Shariah law if U.S. lawmakers wilted and passed a law forbidding criticism of Islam. It seems like the sort of thing that could pass in the UN without much trouble.

Another theory to consider is whether Russia and Iran have any involvement in these attacks. Obama and his Saudi royal family supporters have sought to use the Muslim Brotherhood to push a “rebellion” in Syria, which is a puppet/ally of Russia. The inability of the Arab Spring to overthrow the Syrian regime has much to do with Russia’s and Iran’s support.

Yet a third theory to ponder is if this is the long-anticipated “false flag” event that would allow Obama to enact all those executive orders that let him take over production of food, energy and just about anything else — in short, martial law. Critics have long worried about just such an event, and with Obama’s Department of Justice having to threaten the Gallup organization to make Obama’s poll numbers look respectable going into the election, there could be some motive for a patriotism-rousing international “incident.”

The administration and media are certainly going to use this to the king’s advantage by blaming Romney for “politicizing” 9/11 and other laughable themes. There was even a group of reporters caught on open mic coordinating questions to harass Romney with.

Only the coming days will reveal how deep this plot goes.

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