You Might be a Nazi if You Like the Redskins

America is Bankrupt and Liberals are Upset About the Redskins Logo

We have a lot of problems to solve. Every facet of our lives is being negatively affected. Yes, we conservatives do have plenty to worry about, plenty of which to complain.

High unemployment, Common Core, renewed calls for jihad, the never ending war on energy, illegal immigration, Obamacare, and the fact that the debt has jumped a third of $1 trillion in one day, post debt ceiling.

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That’s a lot to complain about!

What about liberals? What has them in an uproar? Any of the above? Nope. It’s the NFL team, the Washington Redskins. Yes, with all the country’s problems, this football team’s name is front and center in the liberal press.

So ridiculous is the hyperbole that the New York Daily News released a political cartoon with three symbols side-by-side: A Nazi swastika, a Confederate flag, and the Washington Redskins emblem, with the caption “Archaic Symbols of Pride and Heritage.”Redskins-Nazi

Really? The symbol of a football team equates to the Nazis? That’s as absurd as calling conservatives arsonists and jihadists. Oh wait … we were called that and more about a week ago.

So far, Redskins’ owner Daniel Snyder has not succumbed to the pressure. I hope he stays the course and doesn’t give in. But as liberal nannies do, they will continue to apply more and more pressure, ramping up the hysteria. It’s akin to a spoiled child having a tantrum if he doesn’t get his way. He will become louder and more obnoxious until his idiot parents give in, which he knows they will do eventually.

I will give liberals credit for their never-give-up attitude. They push until the rest of us say, okay, it’s just not worth it, and give in to their demands.

Today’s America has become the polar opposite of the saying “sticks and stones… but names will never hurt me.” Evidently, names like Redskins and symbols of an Indian head are as harmful as killing 6 million people. Sounds reasonable.

But we’ve learned long ago that racism is whatever the left says it is, and the word “Redskins” is degrading to American Indians.

If the Redskins’ organization is pressured to change its name, what’s next? Does the state of Oklahoma have to change its name? After all, Oklahoma is Choctaw for “Red People.”

But as the pressure mounts, more are bowing to it. The Richmond Free Press has dropped the Redskins name from its pages. Several Washington DC schools are considering banning Redskins jerseys in class.

And now, with all the problems facing Congress, a liberal hack Congresswoman, Donna Edwards, has proposed a bill to strip the team of its trademark protection.

It’s madness! When will it end? Well, it won’t if we continue to relent.

In the grand scheme of things, this is a rather minor point, in lieu of all the problems in this country, but it is still important. But we as conservatives need a victory over political correctness, however small.

I’m not a fan of or particularly like the Washington Redskins but I’m going to call owner Daniel Snyder’s office and voice my support. I suggest you do the same. Here are the numbers: 301–276–6060 or 703–726–7000. Be polite and respectful. You don’t have to say much.

One of these days, someone like Mr. Snyder will stand and say, “Do what you will … I will never relent!” And that may be the watershed moment this country is in dire need of to further spark a conservative revolution.

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