Mike Huckabee Argues – There have been More Sanctions on Indiana than Iran this Week!

The popular former Governor of Arkansas and erstwhile Fox News host Mike Huckabee (R-AR) was on CNN to talk about several issues, but the gregarious Presidential hopeful was quickly able to connect Iran with Indiana!

Huckabee pointed out that the President, in choosing to make a deal with Iran, pretended as if his political options were limited — but in truth he completely avoided his best path forward. That path was to continue imposing crippling economic sanctions on Iran, sanctions that were working, sanctions that given more time may have forced Iran to meet all of our demands… instead of us meeting all of theirs.

Someone pointed out “that there has been more pressure to put sanctions on Indiana than on Iran… it’s been a real distraction from something that is a whole lot more significant in terms of our national security than anything that’s been occupying the front pages here.”


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