Mike Huckabee Likens Trump to Churchill: ‘Hated by Own Party, Opposition Party, Press’

Mike Huckabee likened President Donald Trump to historical British leader Winston Churchill when it comes to Trump’ political and social standings.

Huckabee tweeted, “Ducks took day off today but if you can get to a theater go see The Darkest Hour about Churchill. Reminds as to what real leadership looks like.”

“Churchill was hated by his own party, opposition party, and press.  Feared by King as reckless, and despised for his bluntness,” he continued, “But unlike Neville Chamberlain, he didn’t retreat. We had a Chamberlain for 8 yrs; in @realDonaldTrump we have a Churchill.”

The Hill reports: 

Huckabee said he had just been to see the film “The Darkest Hour,” which dramatizes Churchill’s experiences as prime minister during World War II, calling it a reminder of “what real leadership looks like.”

uckabee was apparently comparing former President Obama to British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, Churchill’s predecessor, who has historically been criticized for agreeing to surrender Czechoslovakia to Nazi Germany.

Trump has shown his admiration for Churchill in the past. He returned a bust of the British leader to the Oval Office during his first day as president and hosted lawmakers for a screening of “The Darkest Hour” earlier this month.

Of course Twitter immediately lashed out at Huckabee for his metaphorical comparison of the two.



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