Military Punishes 27 Year Veteran Over Personal Beliefs

Layne Wilson is a Tech. Sgt. in the Utah Air National Guard.  He has faithfully served for 27 years and recently signed a contract to serve six more years.  Sgt. Wilson loved serving and considered himself to be loyal to everything the Guard stood for.

Then Wilson learned that a same-sex marriage had been performed at the historic chapel at West Point.  He was concerned at the time that this was a violation of the law since at the time the Defense of Marriage Law was still federal law.  His concern led him to write a letter to the US Military Academy to question the legality of using the academy chapel for an illegal wedding.

Wilson wrote:

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“My issue is [not] so much about homosexuals serving in the military, but rather that it is being forced upon as an acceptable lifestyle abandoning our traditional values.”

Not long after, Wilson received a letter of reprimand from Lt. Col. Kevin Tobias that read:

“You are hereby reprimanded.  As a noncommissioned officer you are expected to maintain a standard of professional and personal behavior that is above reproach. You have failed!”

According to Wilson’s attorney, John Wells, the letter of reprimand was soon followed up with a notification that his six year contract had been torn up and replaced with a one year contract and an ultimatum.  Wells said:

“They gave him a one-year contract and said, Be prepared to retire at the end of this year.”

“That’s so illegal.  You can’t take an executed contract. The oath was administered. Everybody had signed on it. You can’t take it and just tear it up. And that’s exactly what they did.”

Tobias wrote about what happened saying:

“We talked about his feelings about DADT and how he doesn’t agree with it.  I then told him that maybe this is a good time for him to move on because we’ve been ordered to not have an opinion about Gays in the military and we need to treat them as we would treat anyone else in the service of our country.”

“I also reiterated that I respect his feelings but I’m not comfortable reenlisting him with his strong feelings about this matter.”

Tobias’s actions were backed up by Col. Ronald Blunck who wrote:

“Your right to practice your religious beliefs does not excuse you from complying with directives, instructions and lawful orders.”

“Lt. Col. Tobias is correct in demanding that TSgt. Wilson refrain from expressing opinions contrary to Air Force guidance while in uniform.”

Wilson said:

“It is evident those who refuse to affirm homosexuality and openly oppose it are being severely punished.”

A letter has been sent to the Utah Air National Guard demanding that Wilson’s six year contract be reinstated and that they withdraw the letter of reprimand from Wilson’s file.  Wells said that in the letter, he told them if they don’t meet Wilson’s demands that they will take the matter to court.

The reaction of the Utah Air National Guard is so typical of the liberal intolerance of anyone that questions the pervert ways of the gay community.  We are not asked to be tolerant of the abominable lifestyle of homosexuality; we are being forced to be tolerant. At the same time, they are completely intolerant of anyone who does not agree with them.  Tolerance is a one way street in favor of homosexuals.

If you are a straight conservative, your views will not be tolerated by any of the liberals, in civilian life or in the military.  You are not allowed to voice your views, although they can voice theirs all they want.  You have no freedom of speech or religion.  Welcome to today’s America.

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