Millions Enrolling Into Obamacare: Fact or Fiction?

The Obama administration has been reporting that millions of Americans are already taking advantage of the early enrollment into the Obamacare exchanges.  There were so many people trying to sign up that the system couldn’t handle the load. reported 14.6 million unique visitors to the enrollment site in the first 10 days.

But who and where are the millions of enrollees?

Florida is one of the 36 states where the Obamacare exchange enrollment is taking place.  The Miami Herald decided to find out how many Floridians had actually managed to complete the enrollment process.  If the White House reports were correct, there should be thousands of people in the Miami area who were now enrolled in Obama’s national socialist health program.  The Herald ran ads asking for those enrollees to contact them so they could share their story.

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They received a number of responses that spoke of various degrees of success, but very few reported complete success in completing the enrollment process.  As of last Friday, the Herald knows of two people in Florida who have successfully completed the enrollment process and purchased their plan.  One is a 24 year old political science student attending the University of Central Florida and the one was a 22 year old computer science major at Valencia College in Orlando.

The computer science student, Daniel McNaughton commented about his experience, saying:

“My best estimate is whoever built the site wasn’t prepared for the type of use it was going to get.  I think the interest was higher than they expected it would be.’’

Millions may be visiting the official exchange website, but it appears that very few have actually managed to navigate through the process and purchased their healthcare plan.  I strongly suspect that many of the millions visiting the site have opted not to complete their purchase once they find out how much it will cost them.  My wife and I live in Kentucky and we found out that the range of exchange plans available to us would cost us a minimum of $815.42 per month for the cheapest basic plan possible.  The next plan available would cost us $1,866.18 per month, which is almost two house payments a month.  If others were finding prices like these, they may have visited the website, but few would opt to complete the process.

It seems that the real number of Americans completing the enrollment process and purchasing their new health coverage is being greatly inflated by the feds, just like the unemployment figures they keep reporting.  Just think of what it would do to the entire Obamacare system if the true number of enrollees was reported instead of those that visited the website?  It would be ammunition for the Republicans that are facing off against Obama over the spending bill.  It would force Obama to seriously negotiate with the GOP in order to get the government back up and running to full capacity and prevent a default on our loans.

Reminds me of the expression: The truth will set you free!

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