Millions of Free Korans Invading Europe – Is America Next?

A couple decades ago, I was involved in a program that handed out free copies of the New Testament plus Psalms and Proverbs.  The goal of the ministry was to get the Gospel into the hands of as many people as possible.  As we handed out the Scriptures we would ask the person about Jesus and their need for a Savior.  On more than one occasion we would end up praying with the person as they accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Then we would get them to start attending a local church and get into a discipleship program.  It was a very rewarding ministry that I often reflect back upon.

The religion of Islam is about to launch a similar program only on a greater scale.  Project Read has been launched by a number of Islamic Salafist groups to pass out 25 million Korans in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  The Koran was translated into German and printed in the German language.  The goal of the project is to try to get a copy of the Koran into every household in Germany and German speaking areas of Austria and Switzerland.

In case you are not familiar with the term Salafist, it refers to the form of Islam that uses a Caliphate system, meaning that it follows strict Sharia law and apply it to everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim.  Saudi Arabia is a prime example of a Salafist country.  One of the beliefs of a Salafist Muslim is that democracy must be destroyed because it is a man-made system instead of Sharia law which was given them by Allah.

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Leading the movement to place a Koran in every German home is Ibrahim Abou-Nagie.  He is a Palestinian Muslim who heads up a German group known as Die Wahre Religion (The True Religion).  They are Islamic extremists who preach hate and strongly encourage martyrdom for the sake of Islam.  Two of his followers were recently arrested in England after police found a document on bomb making in your kitchen which was written and produced by al-Qaida terrorists located in Yemen.

Some of the things that Abou-Nagie advocates is that Sharia law supersedes all other laws including national law.  He calls for the execution of homosexuals, the stoning of adulterers and a prohibition of all music of any kind.  In one of his videos he announced that all believers of the Christian Bible and Jewish Torah will spend eternity in Hell, but then the Bible teaches that anyone that does not accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will also spend eternity in Hell.

The German government is taking a serious look at Abou-Nagie, his Koran campaign and his followers, reported to be in the tens of thousands in Germany alone.  Some German security experts believe that Project Read is a cover for an intense recruiting campaign for their radical Islamic groups across the country.

America beware!

The Crescent Plague is rapidly spreading across Germany and the rest of Europe and has its hideous eyes are trained on the United States.  Although this is happening in Germany, we need to be aware of the methods of Islamic extremists and radical Muslims.  They have already launched a campaign in many US cities that has given them access to public schools and impressionable children.  They are also infiltrating local and state governments (not to mention the White House) and the courts and they aren’t going to stop until they have taken full control of OUR country.

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