Minimum Wage & Income Inequality Will Be Dems Campaign Tools In 2014

With President Barack Obama’s popularity sinking to the lowest ever and more Democrats starting to distance themselves from the sinking ship known as Obamacare, Democrats are going to have to find other ways to get their constituents out to vote in 2014.  The control of the Senate could well be at stake in this year’s elections so they need to find something that liberal Democrats can rally around, no matter how much it hurts them in the long run.

Democrats are going to push hard to raise the minimum wage in the hopes that it will bring out millions of low income voters to the polls.  People making minimum wage want very much to make more money, but the Democrats will not tell them that fewer of them will have jobs because of the increase.  According to the Heritage Foundation, raising the minimum wage will have a negative effect on the very people Democrats claim to be helping.

“Heritage’s Sherk and Ligon are very clear when it comes to the possible consequences of doing this: It ‘would force employers to curtail hiring.’”

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“Less hiring. Fewer job opportunities. That does not help the men and women looking for work, who need to put food on the table and shoes on their kids’ feet.”

“The New York Times notes, however, that the issue of the minimum wage could help liberal politicians looking for voter turnout in the upcoming midterm election. And that’s all it is: a political ploy that manipulates Americans in the name of power.”

In addition to promising an increase in minimum wage, Democrats are going to be talking a lot about income inequality.  They’ll piggy back this on all of the hype that took place with the Occupy movements of a year ago that were protests against Americans who made the most money.

President Obama has already started talking about income inequality the newly formed Center for American Progress which is a liberal group that is devoted to pushing income inequality.  They are going to talk about fairness and how it’s so wrong for some people to make so much more money than others.

The basic concept to sell this is to convince low income earners that they are stuck where they are at and that they’ll never be able to make more than minimum wage.  Again, the Heritage Foundation explains it:

“The income inequality outrage is based on the idea that the people at the bottom of the economic ladder are stuck there indefinitely. But America isn’t ‘Downton Abbey’—you’re not stuck in the place where you were born. The chauffeur’s son can become…whatever he wants to be in America.”

“This uniquely American advantage is called mobility. People can move up—and down—the income ladder. In fact, ‘the recent rise in income disparities has not caused a decline in upward mobility,’ reported Heritage’s Rea Hederman and David Azerrad in an in-depth study of the issue. They debunked the foundation of the left’s assumptions:”

“Standards of living have increased for everyone—as have incomes—and mobility, however one measures it, remains robust. Simply put, how much the top 1 percent of the population earns has no bearing on whether the bottom 20 percent can move up.”

The bottom line is that Democrats are going to tickle the ears of lower income voters with promises that sound great but carry deadly consequences.  It’s like luring in an unsuspecting animal with a savory bait only to trap the animals in a trap that they can’t escape from.

Not to stereotype, but the last two elections have clearly shown that many of the lower income voters are less discerning and knowledgeable on political and economic issues.  This makes them more gullible to the promises and lies of the liberal Democrats who don’t care about the people.  They are only concerned with getting elected or re-elected at all costs.  Voting for people with such poor ethics in today’s America amounts to selling one’s soul to the devil.  Don’t forget that he uses lies and deception to win people over also.

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