Misery Loves Democrats

Motor city is apparently the worse for the mileage liberals have put on it.

After almost five decades under a string of Democrat mayors, Detroit is now the most miserable city in the entire country, according to Forbes magazine, which ranked 200 of the largest metropolitan areas.

The cities were scored on crime rates, taxes, foreclosures, home prices, commute times, weather and decreasing populations.

The top ten most miserable cities are mostly run by Democrats:

1. Detroit, MI

2. Flint, MI

3. Rockford, IL

4. Chicago, IL

5. Modesto, CA

6. Vallejo, CA

7. Warren, MI

8. Stockton, CA

9. Lake County, IL

10.  New York, NY

That three of the top 10 miserable cities would be in California is no great surprise. The state has been run into the ground by a Democrat Legislature and governor who have raised taxes and driven businesses out of the state.

Stockton and Modesto are smack in the middle of the Central Valley, the former agricultural heartland that has been turned into a huge dustbowl because some liberal judge decided saving a non-native anchovy was more important than delivering water to farmers and ranchers.

Naturally they keep electing liberals.

In fact, most of the cities on the top ten list suffer from the same problem, the belief that electing the same sort of representatives over and over will garner different results.

Sadly, it’s a problem we’ve seen repeated recently at the federal level.

Some people just never learn.

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