Misplaced Priorities, Growing Danger to America If Obama Wins

It’s difficult to even begin to imagine the disasters awaiting America should Barack Obama win tomorrow.

The United States has survived having arrogant men in the Oval Office. It has survived foolish men in the Oval Office. It has survived cowardly men in office. It has even survived having evil-minded men in office.

But Obama is the total package — an evil, arrogant, cowardly fool — and his minions follow his lead.

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There is no love of country evident in Obama’s actions, and he has no backbone for standing up to foreign leaders. His narcissism leads him to still believe that he is master of the chaos he unleashed in the Arab Spring, Benghazi and Syria. He still considers the Muslim Brotherhood and Russia to be firm allies.

While the Muslim Brotherhood has taken advantage of Obama’s patronage to solidify Islamists’ hold on power in the Mideast and North Africa, Russia has also played on his blind spot to build up its military.

“Gov. Romney, I’m glad that you recognize that al-Qaida is a threat, because a few months ago when you were asked what’s the biggest geopolitical threat facing America, you said Russia, not al-Qaida. You said Russia … the 1980s, they’re now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because, you know, the Cold War’s been over for 20 years,” Obama said during the presidential debate.

Russian President Vladimir Putin would probably agree with Mitt Romney, though. In the recent Russian military exercises called Caucasus-2012, Putin oversaw testing of his military’s readiness to fend off a mock invasion by U.S. Marines of the Black Sea coast.

The recent military exercises included the largest test ever of Russia’s nuclear capability, according to Pravda.

From statements made by Putin and other Russian officials in the foreign press, it’s obvious that Russia feels Obama, by manipulating and funding the civil war in Syria, is pushing the world toward a war between the East and the West.

The Cold War may have been over for 20 years, but it’s a hot war that Obama’s been brewing in the Mideast. It’s no wonder Obama has been covering up about the September 11 attack in Libya and belittled Romney’s position on Russia. Benghazi was a warning about smuggling weapons and personnel into Syria to overthrow Russia’s ally.

Meanwhile, what would the next Obama Administration have us fret over? Some imminent danger that eclipses the possibility of a world war? No, the biggest geopolitical foe for Obama and his liberal hordes is man-made global warming.

After Hurricane Sandy, every liberal politician has latched on to the storm as “proof” of global warming, from Van Jones to New York Mayor Michael  “Nanny” Bloomberg to Al Gore.

Of course there’s no evidence that Sandy was the result of global warming, because there’s been no recorded warming for 15 years now. But the climate change bettors are eager to revive the issue in hopes of making billions of dollars, while politicians like it as an excuse for regulating away Americans’ rights.

Under Obama, Part Two, global warming would be the excuse behind restrictions on oil, on cars, electricity usage, water usage, construction, housing, food, business growth and scientific developments that don’t fit the “green” agenda. It would mean a full-scale implementation of Agenda 21 “sustainability” goals.

That’s just scratching the surface of what a second Obama term would do to us. All Americans who value their freedom and hope to one day see a renewed United States need to vote for Romney.

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