Mississippi Government Facility Standing Up Against Same-Sex Ceremony Request

Lesbian partners have requested to use the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum for a ‘commitment ceremony.’  To date, the museum, a state owned facility, has denied the request.  Earlier this year, the museum received a similar request from a gay pair of men and like the request from the lesbian couple, the request was turned down.

The lesbians have tapped into an extreme homosexual activist organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center, to pursue their demands to use the museum.  The couple wanted to hold their ceremony on July 25 and the SPLC has threatened legal action if the request is not granted in time.  They state that commitment ceremonies are not the same as same-sex unions and should be allowed.

However, the state is being advised to stand its ground in the case, largely because of a 2009 opinion rendered by Jim Hood, Attorney General for the state of Mississippi.  Hood ruled that commitment ceremonies represent a union between the same-sex couples and since Mississippi does not allow same-sex marriages, that any other similar union would also be illegal.

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Matt Staver, Vice President of Liberty University, Dean and Professor of Liberty University School of Law and Director of Liberty Center for Law and Policy, said:

“Now they’re being threatened by the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC], which is an organization that supports radical homosexual agenda items.  This particular situation, I think, is one where in Mississippi, same-sex marriage is not recognized. And so it would be impermissible, I think, completely wrong to use government facilities to recognize something that is absolutely banned in the state of Mississippi.”

“The agenda of the sexual anarchist movement is to put this issue up — homosexuality, lesbianism and whatever the nomenclature of the alphabet may be from day to day — to simply push this into your face and to shove it down the throats of the American people. I believe that this threat of homosexuality and same-sex unions is the biggest threat to our family, to our morality and to our freedom that we face here in America.”

Hopefully, the state of Mississippi and the Agriculture and Forestry Museum will continue to stand their legal ground and not cave in to the demands of a pair of lesbians.  Homosexuals are getting accustomed to getting their way every time they threaten to take legal action and it’s time somebody starts standing up to them and tell them what they can do with their legal action.

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