Missouri Legislature Votes for Gun Rights Overrides Governor’s Veto

Missouri has a liberal Democratic governor in Jay Nixon. He was among the liberals who quickly called for the prosecution of Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of the black teen criminal Michael Brown, before he even had the facts. In typical liberal fashion, Nixon also vetoed the legislature’s gun rights laws that would allow conceal carry permit holders to carry their weapons throughout the state. He also vetoed the provision to allow for the arming and training of teachers and administrators in the state’s public schools. Nixon, like Obama and Bloomberg, would rather your kids be victims of another school shooting rather than allow the school to protect them.

After two years of efforts, the Missouri state legislature finally garnered enough votes to override Nixon’s veto. The legislature heard the voice of the people of the Show Me state who said they wanted to be able to protect themselves and have schools protect their children.

Under the new law conceal carry permits, or as they are being called in Missouri ‘carry weapons permit’, will be available to citizens in the state from age of 19 and up. Formerly the age limit was set at 21. As Tony Oliver with Bullets First explains:

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“The age to receive a concealed weapons permit (more accurately now a “carry weapons permit”) will drop from 21 to 19. Old enough to be out of high school but since the government will trust you with artillery, mortars, machine guns and anti-tank weapon to defend your country, you will now have the ability to defend yourself at age 19.”

Not only does the new law allow gun owners more freedom to carry their weapons, but it also empowers schools to have an armed school protection officer on campus. The Missouri Department of Public Safety will establish the guidelines for training of the school protection officers. This makes Missouri the tenth state to pass laws that allows for designated school employees to be trained and armed in order to protect their students.

Oliver points out that school boards in Missouri already have the authority to allow school employees with conceal carry permits to carry their weapons on school campuses. With the new law, a school can have a designated protection officer along with any faculty allowed by their district to carry their concealed weapons. The more faculty and staff that are armed, the less likely a chance of a school shooting there will be. If there is a shooting, faculty will be able to respond immediately instead of waiting for police to show up.

I applaud the Missouri legislature, which happens to be controlled by Republicans, for their steadfastness and hard work in overriding their liberal governor’s veto in order to protect the children of Missouri. If you live in Missouri, make the effort to let your local school know that you support the new law and want them to have trained armed staff on campus to protect your kids.

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