Modifying Voting Laws OK for Dems, Not for Republicans

Back in August, I wrote Are the Democrats Supporting Voter Fraud?

The battle between Democrats and Republicans over the revision of voting laws continues to heat up and it seems that one side isn’t happy that the other side is playing by the same rules.

After the Democrats took control of many state governments, they revamped their voting laws to suit their desires.  Little was said by many Republicans as the Democrats loosened voting regulations.  They extended the time for early voting and in some instances even allowed instant voter registration at the polls on Election Day.  Ohio and Georgia are among the states that had extended the early voting period to 35 and 45 days, respectively.

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Ohio Democrats are currently trying to remove the requirement of having to have a permanent address before being allowed to register to vote.  They claim this will allow the homeless to be able to vote.  Opponents see this as a means of voter fraud by allowing people to vote in more than one district for the same candidate.

After the 2010 elections, Republicans won back a number of states and are now trying to revamp the voting laws to suit their desires.  Republicans are trying to reduce the period for early voting, eliminate instant registration and require photo id to be used at the time of voting.  Their argument is that this will reduce voter fraud and help insure more accurate voting practices.

Georgia, Tennessee and West Virginia have already passed measures to reduce the number of days allowed for early voting.  North Carolina, Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin have similar bills currently being dealt with.  Maine has taken steps to eliminate instant voter registration at the polls.  Texas, Tennessee, Kansas, South Carolina and Wisconsin have already passed laws requiring a photo id.

It seems it was okay for the Democrats to loosen voter laws that made voter fraud much easier, but when the Republicans take action to reduce the chances of voter fraud, the Democrats start hollering.  The Democrats claim the extended early voting period is necessary because it increases the opportunity for immigrants, blacks, Hispanics and poor people to vote.

I can’t help but question why it takes the minority groups so much longer to vote than it does others?  If these minority people can keep other appointments on a timely basis, why can’t they vote on a timely basis as well?

And after all of the debacle and accusations of voter fraud that occurred in the 2000 presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore, one would expect the Democrats to support tighter voting laws.  Unless they need to use the guise of the minorities to promote voter fraud to help insure the candidates in their floundering Party have a chance of being elected???

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