Mom Suspended from Son’s Elementary School for Warning Other Parents about Common Core

Common Core has been receiving a great deal of opposition from parents and politicians.  Maine Gov. Paul LePage has openly stated that he regrets signing the bill that established Common Core in his state.  Indian Gov. Mike Pence became so concerned about the dangers of the Common Core Standards that he recently stated that Indiana was abandoning the socialist curricula and that his state would develop their own.

But as a parent, what do you do when you learn your local public schools will be implementing the Common Core math and English standards this coming fall?

Katherine Duran, the mother of a child attending Mark Twain Elementary School in Sacramento decided to let other parents know about Common Core.  She took it upon herself to print up forms to inform other parents of the dangers of Common Core and a place for them to sign to opt their kids out of the Common Core testing.  She gave them to her son Christopher to pass out to his fellow students at school telling them to take the forms home to their parents.

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School officials didn’t take too kindly to Duran’s actions.  The principal of the school confiscated the forms and Mrs. Duran was notified.  She went to the school to talk to the principal who said Duran went too far when she tried to grab the forms from the principal’s desk.  The principal slammed her hand on the stack of forms and said they no longer belonged to Duran, but Duran took the forms anyway.

Local police then showed up at Duran’s door and handed her a notice from the school that said she had been served with a 14 day suspension from school property.  When local media heard about the suspension, they talked to Gabe Ross, Spokesperson for the school district who told them:

“It appears she went a little too far with regards to how she distributed information at school sites, distributing information to children directly.”

When Duran heard what the reporter was told, she told the reporter that she never distributed the forms directly to the children as Ross stated.  When confronted with Duran’s response, Ross admitted that she was correct.  That’s when the district stated that Duran had been suspended from school property due to the confrontation with the principal.

So what legal right does the school have for taking the actions they did in this case?  As long as Christopher Duran was not disrupting his class, he has the First Amendment right to hand out the fliers his mom printed out.  If they had allowed him to do so, there would not have been the confrontation between Christopher’s mom and the principal.

Did the principal have the legal right to get the police involved and issue a 14 day suspension against Katherine Duran?  All she did was insist on getting back her forms that the principal illegally confiscated from her son.

School administrators and faculty so often assume a lot more authority than they legally have.  They continually trample on the constitutional rights of students and then get angered when called down for their illegal actions.

This is why I advocate that every teacher and school administrator be required to take classes on the constitutional rights of student and teachers.  Educators must be educated on what they can and cannot do.


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