Moran Dynasty: More Evidence Garbage Floats To The Top

This is a story I just heard about for the first time; but it is also a story that I hear over and over again. Whether it is the misogynist assaults coming out of the Kennedy clan, or the “Page scandal” (take your pick: 1983, Mark Foley, or the succeeding incident that may actually not have involved a sleazy congressman but just the sleazy pages), or the Clinton years (both as governor and then as president), or Anthony Weiner showing his via twitter, the constant message is obvious and yet ignored: We are ruled by human garbage.

The latest incident occurred when vote fraud expert, Patrick Moran, decided to demonstrate his manliness to his girlfriend in public by grabbing her head and smashing it into a handy public metal trash can. He broke her nose and fractured her skull under her right eye. This will teach her not to argue with him about whether his contact with other women is appropriate for a man “in a relationship” or not.

Moran’s father is a Democrat Congressman from Virginia, Jim Moran. Patrick was running his dad’s campaign when he got caught on video. Jim assured the newspaper that both his son and his six-month girlfriend are “good kids.” He is also now claiming, in the contradiction to the police report, that it was just an accident because she broke her high heel shoe.

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In any case, Patrick won’t see any jail time. Though arrested on the charge of felony domestic violence assault, he was permitted to plea to simple assault and be sentenced to probation. Not lacking an ability to claim the moral high ground, his father told City Paper,

“‘I hope their privacy will be respected,’ he said. ‘They look forward to putting this embarrassing situation behind them.’”

We are left to guess what sorts of bribes and threats were used to keep the girlfriend quiet. If you’re going to reply that there is no reason to believe the Moran family would do such a vile thing, then you haven’t been paying attention.

In fact, Jim Moran himself was divorced by his wife after she called the police because he allegedly hit her. As a New American editorial points out, citing a Café Mom post, Jim was once known to even be violent with men:

“In 1995, Capitol Hill Police had to pull him off California Republican Randy Cunningham on the House Floor, and he once told Washingtonian magazine, ‘I like to hit people.’”

What do we learn from this? I think we can learn  something about how Leftism turns a blind eye to character. For example, I’m sure Moran is considered a “champion for women” because he supports abortion. In real life, what he really shows is that he doesn’t respect the women much more than the babies.

But there is a more generic lesson here: Look at what sort of filth floats to the top of our society. Look at what kind of person has the ability and ambition to “make it” in politics. While my back of the envelope calculations say that Republicans tend to not be quite as openly sleazy, and to suffer far more when they get caught, moral lapses are not the sole domain of Democrats.

Are they even lapses? Politicians seem to not only do wicked things and get away with wicked deeds; they also seem to expect to be permitted their wicked deeds. I remember, in my youth, being puzzled that Clinton, when he was being challenged for his immoralities and infidelities. I understood him sinning. I didn’t understand his outrage in being caught. But then I learned about Clinton’s hero, John F. Kennedy and his many moral outrages—especially his exploitation of young and vulnerable women. Now Clinton’s outrage makes more sense. He knows what Kennedy got away with. He thinks he deserves the same freedom—the same “respect.”

Clinton was not some anomaly. He was a window into the character of most politicians. So are the Moran father and son.

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