More CNN Fake News: Falsely Claims Trump Ended Rule Preventing Mentally Ill from Getting Guns

With the double mass shooting stories in the news, CNN warmed up its fake news machine to smear President Donald Trump, this time falsely claiming that Trump ended a rule that prevents the mentally ill from getting guns.

The fake news claim was made by CNN anchors Poppy Harlow and John Avlon, who insisted Trump “eliminated a proposed Obama-era regulation that would keep firearms out of the hands of the ‘mentally ill.'”

This is a very, very loose interpretation of what Trump actually did. And what he did not do was to end gun restrictions for the “mentally ill.”

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What the president actually did was to repeal an Obama-era regulation called the Social Security Gun Ban. This rule threatened Social Security recipients with forfeiture of their Second Amendment rights if the administration discovered that they needed third party help with their finances. The idea here is that writers of the rule assumed that if you were having trouble with your finances, then you must be a dangerous, senile, old coot.

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This is a pretty absurd conclusion to assume of someone who is losing track of their finances!!

The Obama rule also had no due process included in it. Meaning that all it took was some paper-pushing government slob to claim someone should summarily have their Constitutional rights eliminated and the cops would jump right to it.

That is a very dangerous idea.

Many Republicans felt that the summary elimination of an American’s rights like that just because they were on Social Security was a dangerous precedent to set, not to mention entirely un-American.

So, Trump and the then Republican-controlled House and Senate worked to repeal the Obama-era rule because it put Social Security recipients at risk of losing the Constitutional rights just because they needed a bit of help with their finances.

Trump signed the repeal of the ban on February 28, 2017. Naturally, the media automatically claimed that Trump was trying to make it easier for the mentally deranged to get guns.

The DC Examiner’s Jay Caruso noticed CNN’s lie today:

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