More Price Gouging At The Gas Pumps

I was watching the news this morning, a certain way to start the day with indigestion, and heard one of the lamest excuses for the jump in gasoline prices I’ve ever heard. The reporter said that prices at the pumps are the highest they’ve ever been for the Labor Day weekend and it is due to increased demand in other countries.

Other countries? You kidding me?

A month ago the prices jumped because there was a threat of a storm in the Gulf of Mexico.

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In the past we’ve heard other excuses that are just as ludicrous. Several years ago, the prices jumped 27¢ in one day and another 15¢ four days later all because of a threat of conflict between Israel and its neighbors. Turns out nothing really happened, but it took nearly three months for the gas to finally drop back to what it was before the threat.

And what really gets me is that the second something happens, the prices at the pump jump as if the gas already in their underground tanks suddenly cost them more than when it was delivered.

How does the threat of a conflict suddenly increase the cost of the gas already on hand by 42¢ a gallon? And why if the prices have to increase so suddenly does it take so long for them to come back down?

This is a prime example of why we need to open up the more areas for oil drilling in the US and off our coast. If we were self sufficient and not reliant on other countries for our oil, the oil companies couldn’t use these lame excuses for gouging us at the pumps. However, they’d probably come up with new excuses like a multicar accident on Interstate 5 in California between San Diego and Los Angeles caused the off shore oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico to shut down for a week, or something like that.

Then the oil companies have the gall to report record profits in the billions of dollars in each quarter and deny that they are price gouging.

I’m surprised more Americans aren’t converting from the cars to bicycles and motorcycles. If I were able, I’d park my car, and get me a couple of horses and use them to do all my shopping and errands. Perhaps it’s time more people go back a century to horses and bikes.

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