More Sanctions Coming for North Korea?

This past week, President Trump mentioned that there might be more sanctions coming soon for North Korea.

Former Republican Congressman, Ron Paul (R-TX) recently took this issue up on his show, the Liberty Report, and wondered who these sanctions are really hurting, and who they might be helping.

It’s a fair question, considering how well/poorly (depending on your view of world politics) sanctions have worked in other parts of the world.

Generally speaking, sanctions do little to change the political paradigm of a nation and eventually they only hurt the people living under the boot of a tyrant. In fact, many argue that sanctions only hurt the victims.

President Trump has wasted no time to ramp up tensions after the brief Olympic North/South Korea thaw. He has announced “heavy” new sanctions on North Korea and any country that dares trade with North Korea. Will the US military begin boarding foreign-flagged ships on the high seas? Chinese and Russian ships? That is what is being threatened. Will sanctions do the trick this time? And if not will President Trump launch a war?

Tune in to today’s Liberty Report:

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