More US Funds Going to Enemy Nations

When America’s debt is climbing higher and faster than I can run up a flight of stairs, our government is throwing more money to Pakistan in hopes of mending relations and buying loyalty.

The Bin Laden raid earlier this year strained US and Pakistan relations. Some members of our government feel that it is more important to try to buy back our relationship with a nation that knowingly harbors terrorists than to take care of financially struggling Americans.

In the latest federal boondoggle, the US is seriously considering sending $12B to Pakistan to help them build a gigantic dam in an attempt to improve relations.

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As one US government official put it:

“Getting involved in a long-term project like this is very compelling for us. This would be a huge demonstration of our commitment to Pakistan and our faith in the country’s future.”

There are approximately 217 million taxpayers in the United States. That means that ever taxpayer will be paying approximately $55 towards the Pakistani dam. Add this to the other $3B being sent to Pakistan, $8B to Iraq, $770M being spent on rebuilding mosques in Egypt plus another $250M annually to Egypt, $600M to the Palestinian Authority, $50M to fight AIDS in Africa, $720K to China to help curb methane production with coal mining, $1.2M to the UN to promote cleaner fuels, $700K to Thailand to recover methane from pig farms, $150K to Interpol to fight carbon trading fraud, $15K to Indonesia for their Breathe Easy Jakarta campaign and approximately $23B in additional foreign aid to other countries and you now have each taxpayer sending almost $220 outside the US. I don’t know about you but I would sure like to have that money back to help pay some of my own bills.

So please excuse my language but damn the Pakistanis and their dam project and the US government officials that are proposing we help fund it. The only thing that needs to be dammed up is Congress and the President so they stop the flow of US dollars out of our country, especially when most of it is going to nations and peoples that already hate us.

The US funding is not a done deal as the project still needs to pass through a number of approval stages. Therefore it’s not too late to write your Senators and Congressmen and tell them to stop sending money we don’t have over seas.

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