More Wasteful Government Subsidies

Once again I have to question the intelligence of our federal government, Democrats and Republicans alike.  They’ve been arguing and struggling over the federal budget for most of this past year, trying to figure out what and where to cut.

The stupidcommittee, I mean supercommittee is supposedly meeting and working together across party lines to cut more than $1 trillion from the deficit.  Considering the deficit is well over $4 trillion and climbing faster than the number of illegal immigrants flooding into the country, they need to examine every government subsidy to see just how important it is and if it can be cut.  Although many of the subsidies may appear small when compared to the total amount that needs to be cut, it all adds up in the end.

Case in point today is the $8 billion subsidy known as the Universal Service Fund.  Currently, this fund is being used to pay telephone companies to provide landline phones in rural areas.  In some instances, the fund has been paying some phone companies nearly $2,000 per month just to provide landline access to a single house.

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Julius Genachowski, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission agrees that this is a waste of government money.  However, instead of eliminating the program and saving the government $8 billion, he would like to see the monies used to pay companies to provide high-speed internet access to rural areas.

Now if lived in a more rural area that did not have internet access, I might be tempted to jump on Genachowski’s bandwagon, but I don’t and I am not.  Instead, I am asking Genachowski why should the federal government be paying for private sector matters in the first place.

And to think that there are hundreds, probably thousands of similar wasteful government subsidies that can be eliminated.  Just cutting one hundred of these unnecessary subsidies could save the government $800 billion and go a long way to help reduce the federal deficit.

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