Morsi Supporters Attack 63 Christian Churches, Target Christian Businesses

About 9 million of Egypt’s 90 million people are Christians.  Under former President Hosni Mubarak they lived in relative peace.  When Mubarak was ousted and the Muslim Brotherhood took control under the presidency of Mohammed Morsi, they became the targets of government sanctioned attacks.  Thousands of Christians were beaten, robbed, raped, tortured, burned and killed.  Their homes and churches were attacked, looted and burned.

While their religious and human rights were being brutally violated, the United States government, mainly the State Department and the White House continued to endorse and support the terrorist Egyptian regime.  Why?  Because they were friends with Barack Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Don’t forget that Clinton’s closest aide and confidant, Huma Abedin, is the daughter of a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, the female arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.  That means that the Muslim terrorist organization knew everything about what the US was doing and yet they consider Eric Snowden and Bradley Manning to be guilty of high crimes while Abedin runs free.

Many of Egypt’s Christians supported the military ouster of Morsi and believed that life would be a little better and less dangerous with the Muslim Brotherhood no longer ruling the country.  However, it seems that it has only made things worse for them as Morsi supporters have turned their anger and wrath on the Christians for supporting the military takeover.

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Over the past few days, Morsi militant supporters have attacked 63 Christian churches.  Forty of the churches were looted and then set on fire and another 13 churches were attacked, vandalized and heavily damaged.  In one instance, the radical protesters stormed a Franciscan school.  They dragged three nuns into the streets as prisoners of war before one brave Muslim woman gave the nuns refuge.  Two other women who worked at the school tried to escape through the mob, but were sexually abused in the process.

Churches aren’t the only targets either.  A number of Christian owned businesses have been first marked with red paint and then attacked.  The stores are being looted and trashed.

Christians in some areas south of Cairo were gathering at a couple of monasteries, seeking protection from the uncontrolled mobs of Morsi extremists.  In the province of Minya, Christian activist Ezzat Ibrahim said that the police have disappeared from seven of the nine districts in the region.  The lack of police has emboldened the Morsi militants to do whatever they want without any fear of police intervention.

In the wake of this, the White House and State Department continue to support Morsi and his supporters, even though they have publicly stated that the US is an enemy that needs to be destroyed.  Our government remains silent on the atrocities befalling Egypt’s Christians, which can only be interpreted as supporting the brutal violation of their religious and human rights.  Our government does not care about the rights, religious or human, of Christians worldwide or here in the US.  But when it comes to the rights of Muslims, Obama immediately comes to their aid and condemns the attacks on his Muslim brothers.

The way things are going here in America, we Christians could be facing similar attacks and persecutions in the not so distant future.  If you don’t believe and say it could never happen here, you’re being naïve and deceiving yourself.

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