Most and Least Religious States Compared to Most and Least Conservative

I was looking at a variety of Gallup Poll statistics and saw an interesting comparison to the states that were the most religious and most conservative, and likewise the least religious compared to the most liberal.

To put it in a nut shell, there is a direct correlation between religion and politics.  Those who identify themselves as more religious tend also to be more conservative.  Those who identify themselves to be the least religious tend to be the more liberal.  The same holds true for states.

The top ten states identified as the most religious are: 1) Mississippi, 2) Utah, 3) Alabama, 4) Louisiana, 5) Arkansas, 6) South Carolina, 7) Tennessee, 8) North Carolina, 9) Georgia and 10) Oklahoma.

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The top ten states identified as the most conservative are: 1) Mississippi, 2) Utah, 3) Wyoming, 4) Alabama, 5) Louisiana, 6) Arkansas, 7) Oklahoma, 8) Nebraska, 9) Idaho and 10) Tennessee.

On the converse compare the top ten states that were identified as the least religious and the most liberal.

Top ten least religious states are: 1) Vermont, 2) New Hampshire, 3) Maine, 4) Massachusetts, 5) Alaska, 6) Oregon, 7) Nevada, 8) Washington, 9) Connecticut and there is a three way tie for 10) District of Columbia – New York – Rhode Island.

Top ten most liberal states are: 1) District of Columbia, 2) Massachusetts, 3) Washington, 4) Oregon, 5) New York, 6) Hawaii, 7) California, 8) Rhode Island, 9) New Jersey and 10) Connecticut.

It should be no secret that the more people deny that God is sovereign and that we are obligated to follow His statutes and laws that the more liberal and immoral we become.  An example can be seen in the fact that the states that have been legalizing same-sex marriages are also those that are the least religious and most liberal.  They also have some of the highest crime rates, especial personal crimes such as assault, rape, burglary and theft.

The same Gallup maps also showed that the states that favored Barack Obama were also the ones that were the least religious and most liberal.  It only goes to show that Obama draws these types of people because he is just like them, less religious and extremely liberal.

The truly sad part of the Gallup results are that the number of people and states that are identifying themselves as being the least religious and more liberal is growing.  America is losing its religious foundation, especially its Christian foundation.  It is rapidly being eroded away and replaced with secularism, hedonism, Islam and socialism.  When you look at history, you see a frightening pattern in that the decadence that destroyed Sodom, Gomorrah and Rome is the same decadence that is destroying America.  History does repeat itself and we, as a nation, are on the verge of being destroyed by God’s wrath, just as the other three were for the same thing.

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