Mother of Slain State Dept. Employee Rips Obama Over Handling of Son’s Death

Sean Smith worked as a computer specialist for the U.S. State Department.  He was assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Libya and found himself stationed at the make-shift consulate in Benghazi.  On September 11, Sean was killed when the compound was overrun by Muslim terrorists along with U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

The first reports out of Libya blamed the slaughter on a spontaneous protest by local Muslims over a garage produced video that insulted Mohammad.  While the Obama White House and State Department clung to the video protest story for two weeks after the attack, virtually everyone else in the world knew within days of the attack that it was a planned terrorist attack and had nothing to do with a protest.

On September 14, President Obama spoke at a ceremony to welcome home the remains of the four victims.  At that ceremony, Pat Smith, mother of Sean, had a chance to speak with President Obama, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and other members of the Obama administration.  They all promised to tell her the truth about what happened to her son and how he died.  She even cried on Obama’s shoulder as everyone kept telling her to trust them and they would tell her as soon as they knew anything.

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A month later, Pat Smith is still waiting to hear what happened to her son.  No one from the Obama administration has given her the slightest hint of how her son died.  She feels betrayed by Obama, Panetta, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  They all promised to tell her and none of them have kept their promise.  Pat feels that they were merely placating her out of duty and really could care less about her and how she feels.

On October 10, nearly a month from when her son was murdered in Libya, Pat Smith was interviewed by CNN News anchor Anderson Copper.  Listen to the pain and frustration on the part of a heartbroken mother who just wants to know what happened to her son and how did he die.

Sean Smith’s body arrived in the U.S. on September 14.  It doesn’t take a month to perform an autopsy and determine the cause of the death.  You can be assured that the State Department and White House know exactly how each of the four men were killed.  All Pat Smith just wants to know how her son was killed.  Did he die of smoke inhalation?  Was some of the blood that Pat saw smeared on the walls of consulate belong to her son Sean?

As I listened to Pat Smith tell how she’s been ignored and lied to by Obama and his administration, a truly caring and compassionate president would not just look away when a mother was crying on his shoulder about the loss of her son.   His response or should I say lack of response to a grieving mother is no different than the disdain Obama has for most of America.

Pat Smith says she doesn’t trust Obama or any of the others, so why should we?

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