Mr. President – Put Up or Shut Up!

The controversy over Barack Obama’s legal eligibility has been going on for three years and it is still not resolved.  Obama says that there are no grounds for a controversy and he wishes it would go away.

The White House has produced three separate pieces of documentation, each of which has only added more doubt to the issue rather helping to resolve it.  That latest documentation, a photocopy of a Hawaiian birth certificate that has two different type sets used on it along with wording that was not used until years later.

A number of people have been challenging Obama to give them access to the original documentation in Hawaii that would prove one way or another if he is truly eligible to hold the office of President or not.  With his claiming that he wants this to go away, you would expect him to release access to the real documentation to settle the matter, but for reasons that only cause the public to doubt his eligibility, he continues to refuse access and only attacks those demanding access and proof.

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Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is one of those demanding to see the real records before he will authorize Obama’s name to be placed on the 2012 ballot in his county.  Maricopa County is Arizona’s largest county with nearly 4 million people.  Instead of providing Sheriff Joe with access to the documentation in Hawaii, Obama has instructed the Department of Justice to go after Sheriff Joe and do their best to discredit him and force him out of office.

The DOJ has now filed charges of civil rights violations involving racial profiling for the way Sheriff Joe actively leads his department in the fight against illegal trafficking of drugs and people across the Mexican border and into his county.  But how does one carry out his legal duties to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs when over 95% of it involves Hispanics without using some form of racial profiling?

When Sheriff Joe initiated his investigation into Obama’s eligibility, a number of other county sheriffs across the nation were watching to see what happened and if they should join in the investigation.  Now that the DOJ has launched their attack on Arpaio and his department, a number of those watching are having second thoughts about following Sheriff Joe’s footsteps.

It’s time the general public demands that Obama provide access to the real documentation (if it exists).   We all need to be telling him to either put up or shut up and get the heck out of the White House.

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