MSNBC Liberal Hates Star Wars because… It’s RACIST

Oh. How I long for the days when liberals would use logical arguments to support their beliefs and they didn’t simply toss around ridiculous tropes and ad hominem attacks in their efforts to be relevant. The latest example of the idiocy that one must employ to be a liberal in modern America comes to us from MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry who spent some time on Monday explaining why she hates Star Wars (a movie series she has NEVER actually seen).

Here’s a hint as to Harris-Perry’s problem with the movie… it’s RACIST!

“I know why I have feelings — good, bad and otherwise — about Star Wars…

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I spent the whole day talking about the Darth Vader situation.

The part where he was totally a black guy, whose name was basically James Earl Jones. While he was black he was terrible and bad, awful and used to cut off white men’s hand, and didn’t actually claim his son. But as soon as he claims his son, goes over to the good, takes off his mask and he is white — yes, I have many feelings about that.”

All of this is just foolish nonsense.

Anyone who knows anything about Star Wars lore knows that Darth Vader was a white man (have you seen his kids – Luke and Leia?). The only reason that Vader was voiced by James Earl Jones is because James Earl Jones has an AWESOME voice. The allusion to good being “light” and bad being “dark” is as an idea which is as old as time itself, and throughout recorded history, this is a picture that humanity has been painting in our stories. This was not something that George Lucas invented for Star Wars.

Over at Mediaite they explain in a little more detail just how wrong Harris-Perry is:

  1. Darth Vader first tells Luke that he is his father when he is still in his black armor, or “a black guy” as she puts it. There was never a point where he didn’t “claim his son”; as soon as he discovered Luke was alive, he took steps to reunited the family and “rule the galaxy as father and son.”
  2. The decision to dub over Darth Vader’s voice with Jones’ was made in post-production. He was originally voiced with a Scottish accent.
  3. Of course Vader is depicted as white when his helmet comes off. As the father of lily white Luke and Leia, it would have been a little jarring if he was a Korean dude or something.

Racism exists. Racism is ugly, degrading and should be anathema to us all. However, contrary to the twisted dark minds of liberals everywhere, racism is not hiding in every nook and cranny of culture and society waiting to pounce on unwitting passersby.

By the way, Harris-Perry made things even more racist and weird when she started talking about Chewbacca the Wookie.

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