MSNBC’s Ed Schultz: Detroit Is A “Conservative Utopia”

Just when you thought you had heard it all when MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry claimed that the source of all of Detroit’s woes was that their government was “too small,” her co-worker Ed Schultz claims that Detroit is a “conservative utopia”:

“Detroit, Michigan, used to be really a symbol of industrial strength and manufacturing in this country. But, thanks to a lot of Republican policies, the city is now filing for bankruptcy… Detroit going bankrupt is exactly what the Republicans want.”

During his spiel, a graphic appeared above his head that pictured President Reagan, Mitt Romney and Michigan’s Republican Governor Rick Snyder with the caption, “Conservative Utopia?”

At this point, calling Melissa Harris-Perry and Ed Schultz “delusional” ceases to be an ad hominem attack and actually becomes an educated assessment of their mental state.

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Conservative bloggers have already been pointing out that Detroit’s longstanding failure has had nothing to do with Republican or conservative policies, since Democrats have been running the city for decades. Democrat polices have driven out productive tax-payers for years. This is on them, not Republicans.

But these glorified bloggers on MSNBC insist that we live in opposite world, where Democrat-caused problems are actually caused by Republicans and conservative ideas like small government. You know, war is peace, slavery is freedom, and up is down.

And since that’s what they’ve decided is the problem (“small government”), their solution is of course more and bigger government. They’re trying to brainwash their viewers into accepting socialism. I’m not exaggerating.

Anyone who thinks the media doesn’t have agendas should take a gander at some of MSNBC’s promos:

“About two years ago, MSNBC filmed a host of personality promos for their on-air talent. Since then, the network has posted the promos on their website and on a YouTube channel called “MSNBC Lean Forward.” These clips feature Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton and of course, [Lawrence] O’Donnell – all of the marquee talent from the liberal news/talk cable channel.”

In one of the promos that’s been running on the network, MSNBC star Lawrence O’Donnell rants for 15 seconds about why we need government involvement to cure our economic woes:

“Politics is controlling everything now. And politics is controlling trying to get this country back to work. We know how to do it, we’ve known how to do it for decades! (At this point he emphatically points his finger) We got out of the Depression. Government led the way out of the Depression. That’s how we did it. When this economy gets in trouble, we need government to help us get back to work.”

Here’s the video:

The good thing is that MSNBC’s ratings are poor. Not many people can stand to watch people whose faces are only good for radio. I’m just waiting on them to declare bankruptcy and then blame it on “Republican policies” and “small government.”

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