MSNBC’s Joy Reid Thinks Trump’s Criticism of Media Is A ‘Violation Of First Amendment’

Hack Joy Reid thinks that President Donald Trump’s criticism of the media is a ‘violation of the first amendment.’

Joy Reid doesn’t have a clue how the constitution works. His criticisms are not a violation of the First Amendment, in fact, it’s an excellent exercise of it!

The First Amendment doesn’t give the MSM ‘constitutional immunity’ to be a bunch of lying, libelous, slanderous hacks. When they are wrong, the President and anybody else has the right to call them out as the frauds they are.

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How can I impeach thee? Let me count the ways….

Still reeling from the pain of the Mueller report‘s failure to deliver any additional indictments, Joy Reid this morning fantasized a list of possibly impeachable offenses.

The most hilarious, reflecting Reid’s unfamiliarity with the Bill of Rights, was her claim that Trump’s “attacking the media” could be grounds for impeachment. Reid said that while the criticism isn’t a crime, “it’s a violation of the First Amendment in a lot of ways.” More

Partial transcript:

JOY REID: And Jill Wine-Banks, in addition to that, is that Mueller was charged with talking about what happened to the 2016 election. Is he, just from your experience on the Watergate committee, also charged with putting forward what in his view what might be an impeachable offenses that are not criminal? Things like obstruction of justice, whether or not it’s criminally provable, or collusion which is not technically a crime on the books, violating the emoluments clause, which is not clear what the enforcement mechanism is. Pay for play: basically people checking into his hotels, swiping a card, foreign leaders doing that. Abuse of power. Attacking the media, which isn’t a crime but it’s a violation of the First Amendment in a lot of ways. Attacking the investigations. Campaign finance laws, corruption, promising pardons, influencing the 2016 election. All of that kind of stuff. Is that something we might expect to be explained in the Mueller report?

They’re desperately clinging to their delusional fantasies that the president is guilty of something. Joy Reid, you are the one violating other people’s first amendment rights when you demand the silence of anyone who disagrees with you and your insane ramblings.

How in God’s name do people like Joy Reid get any credibility in the first place? Much less the opportunity to spread their hypocrisy and propaganda to the gullible sheeple walking among us? 

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