Multiple Stabbings Over Weekend – Is It Time For Knife Control?

Every time there is a shooting, especially one that involves multiple victims or children, the anti-gun liberals start screaming for more gun control.  They want universal background checks, registration of every firearm in nation, registration of all ammo sales, banning of assault weapons and even mental background checks.

They claim it’s all about trying to stop the violence and nothing more.  They completely ignore the statistics from here in the US and from other countries that show that the more gun control a location has, the more gun related violence they also have.  Australia is a classic example where they banned most firearms and then watched as virtually every category of gun related crimes increased.

But where are the cries for knife control when mass stabbings or campus stabbings occur?  Don’t the officials want to stop the violence?

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Over the weekend, 25 year old Chen Mingdong took a kitchen knife and stabbed his cousin’s wife and her four kids that ranged from 1 year old to 9 years old.  New York police were called to the apartment where they kept banging on the door before finally gaining entrance.  Once inside the apartment, they found Mingdong covered in blood and the bodies of Qiao Zhen Li and her 5 year old son Kevin Zhou.  As police searched the apartment, they found the bodies of the other three kids in a back bedroom.

During his interrogation, Mingdong admitted to stabbing and killing the five relatives and then told police that he did it because he was jealous of others who come to America and find success.  He said he came here from China in 2004 and was greatly disillusioned with his life ever since then.

Another stabbing took place over the weekend at an apartment on the campus of Indiana University.  Kaiyu Lao, 21 and Zesen Shen, 18, were arrested for stabbing another 20 year old student at the campus apartments early Sunday morning during a fight in the parking lot.

In my own area, there was a stabbing that took place less than a month ago.  A pair of brothers got into a fight with one of them stabbing the other in the head and leg.  Back in August, James Pearson, 51 used a box cutter to slash the chest and stomach of another man.  Earlier this month, three more people in the Cincinnati area were stabbed.  Richard Grove, 64, his wife Sharon, 58, and their son Matthew, 23, were all found to have stab wounds following a family dispute.

I’m sure that most major metropolitan areas in the US have stabbings occurring on a regular basis.  Most are reported on local news and the rest of the nation never hears about them.  Those that involve children or a campus get more media attention because of the age of the victims or the location.

If the liberals who call for more gun control were consistent in their quest to curb violence, then logic dictates that they call for the same measures to be taken with knives.  If guns are the culprits, then so are the knives.  If certain types of guns are banned, then perhaps certain types of knives should be banned also.  If everyone who purchases a gun or ammo has to have a background check first, then so should everyone wanting to purchase a knife.  If a grandfather gives his grandson a gun, the liberals want both of them to have a background check first, so if a grandfather gives his grandson a pocket or hunting knife, shouldn’t they also need to have background checks run on them?

It sounds ridiculous and it is, but if the whole issue is to reduce violence, then those hollering the loudest need to be consistent in their efforts and they aren’t.  That’s because it’s not about gun control, it’s about people control.  They want to control the people and it’s hard to do that when there are more privately owned guns than there are people in the country.  They are afraid that a well-armed militia (the people) may just revolt against them as they did against the tyrannical rule of the British.  If they keep going the way they are, that just might happen.

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