Murder OK but Accident or Abuse Could Lead to Charges

What would you say if you heard that one person who intentionally murdered another person was allowed to walk away without facing any criminal charges? Now what would you say if you heard that someone who’s infant died of SIDS was charged with the infant’s death? Or what about the parents whose child accidentally fell while playing and broke its arm, resulting in the hospital reporting it to child services and the parents end up being investigated and temporarily lose custody of their child?

I worked with a man who had infant twins. When they were about 6 months old, they found one of the twins dead in the morning. The coroner at first ruled the death suspicious. Child services and the local police immediately suspected the father. His other infant son was removed from the home and placed in foster care. The father went through nearly a year of hell and almost lost his wife before the coroner finally concluded the child died of SIDS. The other son was eventually returned to the parents, but he was now nearly 2 years of age.

A couple in our church recently had a hospital call child services on them when their two very young kids somehow got hold of some blood pressure medication and took several of the pills. Hospital staff immediately notified child services and the parents were visited by a social worker. Fortunately, the social worker was satisfied that the parents had taken precautions to child proof their home and that this was nothing more than an accident.

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I also knew a couple whose son fell while running and playing in the backyard, breaking his arm and cutting his forehead. Again, the hospital staff notified child services and the parents were eventually charged with child neglect for allowing their kids to play in a fenced backyard unattended.

The kids were taken away and placed in foster care. The parents’ arrest cost them their jobs and their house. The parents were eventually cleared but it took almost two years and cost them everything they had. Even after they were cleared it took another year for them to finally get their kids back.

All of these true accounts reek of injustice. But now realize that any one of the mothers in those cases could have legally murdered those very same kids had they walked into an abortion clinic before the kids were born. No accident, no playing, no SIDS, but premeditated murder of a child is perfectly legal depending on the timing of when the murder took place.

Liberals have little to no regard for the sanctity of life. They believe it’s okay to kill the unborn, elderly, sick and disabled so they aren’t a burden to society. Socialists need to undermine parental authority and destroy the strength of the traditional family unit. One way to accomplish that is to threaten parents at every available opportunity and take their parental authority away from them. With the help of Obamacare and other socialist programs they have the support of hospitals and child services.

Take a good look at what’s going on in our nation these days and you’ll see other signs of a changing America and few if any of these changes are for the good of the people.

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