Muslim Brotherhood in American: We’re Losing the War

America is being attacked from within and we are currently losing the battle.  The Muslim Brotherhood has been carefully infiltrating our government, courts, schools and many facets of everyday life.  They have a well laid out plan with which they are successfully replacing American law with Sharia law and American life style with Islamic lifestyle.

One example of the Muslim success is the meeting between FBI Director Robert S Mueller, III and high ranking members of the Muslim Brotherhood earlier this year.  The Muslims raised a number of complaints and concerns about various FBI practices that they found to be offensive to their religion.  Not wanting to offend Muslims, Mueller announced that the FBI would purge hundreds of terrorism training documents and briefings that the Muslims might find offensive.

Think about this for a moment.  Any time the FBI wants to initiate any kind of investigation into Jihadist activities, all the Muslims have to do is claim that it is offensive to their religion and the FBI stops.

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When Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire on fellow servicemen and women at Ft Hood, Texas back in 2009, the White House caved in to Muslim pressure and labeled the incident as just work place violence.  They completely disregarded the plethora of evidence gathered from Hasan’s effects that indicated the attacks were made against those who were fighting Muslims in Iraq.  It was anything but a simple case of work place violence.

Frank Gaffney is president of the Center for Security Policy in Washington DC.  He and his organization have amassed a wealth of information and evidence demonstrating the Jihadist war against American civilization.  They have created a free ten course program about the Muslim Brotherhood in America, available online, that will open your eyes to just how badly America is losing the war for our own survival.

Gaffney had provided a summary overview of the course and why it is so important to become better informed.  Check out the video:

If you have any concern for what is happening in America today, I strongly urge that you take some time to learn from the material Gaffney and the Center for Security Policy have put together.  Your eyes will be opened to the horrors taking place around you and give a glimpse of what is to come if Americans don’t rise up against the Muslim onslaught and stop it at the border.

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