Muslim Complaints Cancels Christmas in Suburban DC School District

In Montgomery County, Maryland, it’s not the Grinch that stole Christmas but the Muslims.

Montgomery County is not some small county, but has a population of just over 1 million people. It’s part of the Washington DC – Arlington, VA – Alexandria, MD metropolitan area. The Montgomery County School District takes in 200 schools with over 11,500 full time teachers and about 150,000 students.

Those students and teachers will no longer be able to enjoy Christmas, Easter or Yom Kippur because these special holidays have been eliminated from the district’s calendar thanks to the complaints of Muslims.

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One Muslim district employee has been complaining for 20 years about the religious holidays for Christianity and Judaism but none for Islam. The employee and other Muslims have been pushing to have the Muslim holiday of Eid celebrated along with the other religious holidays.

In a 7-1 vote, the Montgomery County School Board voted to stop all recognition of Christian and Jewish holidays. From now on any breaks or time off will be referred to ‘winter break’ or ‘student holidays’ but even this is not appeasing some Muslims.

Michael Durso, a school board member stated:

“It comes off as insensitive, and I just think we cannot afford to be in that light.”

Saqib Ali, Co-chair of Equality for Eid commented:

“Equality is really what we’re looking for. Simply saying we’re not going to call this Christmas, and we’re not going to call this Yom Kippur, and still closing the schools, that’s not equality.”

The equality they are seeking is a day off for Eid.

What gets my goat about this is that Muslims in America keep saying that they only want to be part of America and not change anything about it and yet they really are trying to change the country. They push for sharia law and insist on having the right to pray in schools, even though that right has been denied to Christian students. Now they are pushing to force schools to do away with Christian and Jewish holidays and replace them with their own holidays. Even Barack Obama celebrates Islamic holidays in the White House.

Ever since a Muslim occupied the White House, they have become bolder in their efforts to change America from a Christian nation to a Muslim nation. Whether you realize it or not, they have been making great strides. Consider the fact that many schools say they are not allowed to teach anything associated with Christianity or Judaism but those same schools are teaching about Islam and even having students recite the Islamic Call to Prayer. Student lesson plans teach them that Allah is the only true God.

If Christians don’t stand up for our religious and historical rights, America will be lost to this pagan anti-biblical religion that teaches its followers to force others to convert or die. Although it claims to be the religion of peace, there can be no peace with a religion that murders Christians and Jews.

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