Muslim Jihadist Murders American Here in US and Obama Ignores It

What do James Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haines and Brendan Tevlin have in common?

Perhaps I should ask what’s the difference between the four people listed above?

Most of you have heard of James Foley, Steven Sotloff and David Haines, but few if any of you have heard of Brendan Tevlin. The first three men were beheaded on video by ISIS terrorists and the video was made public worldwide. Their deaths have caused outrage throughout much of the world and even in Washington DC.

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Brendan Tevlin was also brutally murdered by a Muslim extremist in the name of jihad, but his death was not videoed nor was it made known worldwide. Tevlin was martyred here in the United States in the name of jihad, but for obvious reasons the liberal mainstream media have ignored it. Washington DC is not outraged as they should be.

Tevlin has been described as the perfect son. He was an Irish Catholic who was ready to start his second year of college. In high school, Tevlin was ‘president of the Gaelic Club, and a talented bagpiper. In high school, Brendan was a member of the National Honor Society, Lacrosse Team, Ambassador’s Club, Student Council, Math Honor Society, and Spanish Honor Society.’ He often volunteered to play his bagpipes at funerals.

One June 25, 2014, at age 19, Tevlin was driving his jeep in West Orange, New Jersey. He stopped at a red light when Ali Muhammad Brown pulled up next him and shot him eight times. Brown didn’t know Tevlin but chose him at random. Several days later, seventy-five bagpipes played at the funeral of the young man who used to play for others.

When authorities arrested Brown, he confessed to the killing and told them that it was a justified jihad killing. He told police:

“My mission is my mission between me and my lord. That’s it. My mission is vengeance. For the lives, millions of lives are lost every day. Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, all these places where innocent lives are being taken every single day. All these lives are taken every single day by America, by this government. So a life for a life. This is why this happened in West Orange.”

Further investigation has indicated that Brown is responsible for the murders of three other Americans earlier this year. They are using bulletins and other means to get attention to see if there are any other victims of Brown’s terrorist jihad.

What I want to know is why hasn’t the main stream media picked up on the story of Tevlin’s murder or of Brown’s terrorist activities here in the US? Why have they completely ignored reporting it?

Katie Coyne of Rightly Wired reported on Tevlin’s murder and Brown’s terrorist jihad was on American soil. In answer to my questions above, she writes:

“Why is there hesitancy to report on the murder of a college student by a self-described terrorist? Perhaps those suppressing this story fear that if they were to identify a particular group as evil, the American public might react in a discriminatory or hateful manner. In reality, when the press fails its journalistic duty to identify evil, evil prospers and grows – just like it’s doing right now.”

“More likely, national media outlets are silent because they are still covering for the President’s ineptitude. Obama declared that the ‘global war on terror is over’ and that al-Qaeda ‘is on the run.’ He called ISIS the JV team. He has said, ‘The world is less violent than it has ever been.’ He announced, ‘we’ve won the war in Iraq’ and he blamed media for our concern about global affairs: ‘We’re just noticing [how messy the world is] because of social media and our capacity to see in intimate detail the hardships that people are going through.’…”

“The murder of Brendan Tevlin is the ultimate hate crime. Shot down in an ordinary American neighborhood, Brendan was not killed for profit or due to something he did or said – Brendan was slaughtered because his killer hates America and hates Americans.”

“The reality of this tragic, hate-filled murder may not fit some networks’ narrative, but it is very real. If we ignore this reality, it will happen again, and again, and again.”

Barack HUSSEIN Obama continues to cover up acts of Muslim terrorism here in the US whenever possible. When Army Major Hasan opened fire at Fort Hood in Texas, yelling Muslim sayings as he murdered 13 people and wounded 30 others, the Obama administration refused to admit it was an act of terrorism. Instead they labeled it a ‘workplace act of violence.’ Not only did they deny it was a terrorist action, but their determination resulted in the loss of benefits to the victims and their families.

How can Obama continue to promote Muslim growth in the US if Americans find out that some of them are carrying out their jihadist war on innocent Americans here in our own country? Our leaderless leader has done everything possible to hide the huge influx of Muslims into the country. He’s also been giving them special rights and privileges that he has been systematically taking away from Christians.

For example, members of the military can no longer wear crosses or any other symbols of their Christian faith, yet the same policy has not been enforced on Muslims. Obama has forced Christian chaplains to perform same-sex marriages, but I’ve yet to hear of one Muslim chaplain forced to do the same. Christian business owners are being sued right and left for living their faith, but Muslims aren’t. Public schools are banned from any mention of God, Jesus or the Bible. They aren’t allow to sing certain Christmas carols or hold a Baccalaureate service for graduating seniors, but Muslim high schools are being allowed to hold girl only proms because of their Muslim religion.

Whether Obama wants to admit it or not, Muslims have already brought their jihad – holy war – to American soil. There was the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, followed by the September 11, 2001 attacks by Muslim extremists. Then there was Major Hasan at Fort Hood and the Boston Marathon bombings by the Muslim extremist brothers. Now we have the senseless murder of a very bright and promising young Brendan Tevlin as an act of Jihadist terrorist.

How many more Americans must die on American soil before Obama will finally admit that we are at war with Muslim extremists here in America? When will he admit the truth and when will Washington DC and the American public wake up and smell the blood?

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