Muslim Leader Calls for Destruction of all Christian Churches in Arabian Peninsula and Obama and the World Remain Silent

What do you think would happen if a prominent Christian leader called for the destruction of every Muslim mosque in the United States?

Not only would every Muslim throughout the world protest in anger, but many world leaders would join them, including President Barack HUSSEIN Obama.  Muslims would react with death threats against that Christian leader and probably his family also.

But what would happen if a prominent Muslim leader called for the destruction of every Christian church on the Arabian Peninsula?

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Absolutely nothing!

Sheik Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, the grand mufti of Saudi Arabia made a call to Muslims on March 12 in which he directed them to destroy every church in the region.  He went on to say that his declaration was based upon the deathbed declaration of the prophet Muhammad who supposedly said,

“There are not to be two religions in the [Arabian] Peninsula.”

Muslims have long held this passage as the justification for their intolerance to Jews and Christians.  In fact, it is one of the reasons that Jews have been banned from entering Saudi Arabia for many years and why Christians there are forced to worship in secret.

And in case you think the declaration is just the ravings of some small time Muslim leader, think again.  Abdullah is the top Muslim leader in Saudi Arabia and among the top leaders in the entire Muslim world.  His calls to action are generally taken very seriously and followed as if he were Muhammad himself.

But where is the outcry from President Obama or any other world leader?  Where is the negative reaction from our Congress?  And worse yet, where is the outcry from Christian leaders here in the US and abroad?

It appears that no one cares about Christians and their houses of worship, and by no one I include Christians also.  I not only pray for the Christians in Arabia, but I also pray that when it comes our turn to be crushed by Muslims that another Esther will rise up and save the day.  In the meantime, please pray in all earnestness for our Christian brothers and sisters who facing utter annihilation.

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