Muslim Leader Claims They Discovered America before Columbus

A lot of history is being rewritten these days, but mostly by liberals who don’t want the real Christian history of America to be taught to your children. They have been effectively eliminating all Christian references along with tarnishing many acts of patriotism and heroism.

Some modern textbooks refer to colonist who took part in the Boston Tea Party as terrorists instead of patriots. They paint many of our Founding Fathers to be deists or atheists when in fact most of them were devout Christians. Instead of teaching how the industrial revolution helped to build America and turn it into a world leader and power, they make it out to be form of tyranny and betrayal.

Now you can add another rewrite to America’s history if you believe Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey. Erdogan recently stated what some Islamic historians have been claiming, that Muslim sailors arrived in America in 1178 and that they were greeted by Indians who spoke Arabic.

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Erdogan also referred to what another Islamic historian claimed, saying that Christopher Columbus stated that a mosque would go perfectly on a hill in Cuba where he landed on one of his voyages.

Firas Alkhateeb posts a blog called Lost Islamic History. He teaches Islamic history in Bridgeview, Illinois. On his blog, he wrote:

“Knowing that the earth was round, and knowing its size to a very good degree of accuracy (without the modern technology we have today), some intrepid Muslims must have attempted to go around the world, hundreds of years before Columbus.”

“Great Muslim historian and geographer, Abu al-Hasan al-Masudi wrote in 956 of a voyage in 889 from al-Andalus (Muslim Spain).”

“The voyage sailed for months westward. They eventually found a large landmass across the ocean where they traded with the natives, and then returned to Europe. Al-Masudi records this land across the ocean in his famous map and refers to it as ‘the unknown land.’”

That voyage was followed by a second one in 999 and a third in the 1100s.

The blog also claims:

“During his reign, Abu Bakr sent a fleet of 400 ships to explore the Atlantic Ocean. Only 1 ship returned, but reported that they found a land across the ocean. Mansa Abu Bakr then outfitted a fleet of 2,000 ships, which he sailed with personally, that sailed west into the ocean. They were never heard from again…”

“Once he got to the Americas, Columbus records numerous examples of Muslims already present. He commented on the gold that the natives had, which was made the same way, in the same alloy, as the Muslims of West Africa.”

And the claims go on and on.

If there was so much evidence of Muslims already being here, why didn’t any of the early colonists write about it? I’ve studied the history of a number of different American Indian tribes and I’ve never found anything to indicate any contact with Muslims. I have read accounts of hunting mammoths and seeing flying creatures that are described to be large and very reptilian, but never any mention of Muslims.

It’s bad enough to see how the liberals in America are perverting our history, but now we have Muslim world leaders jumping into the rewrite fray. Before you know it, the Chinese and Russians will be claiming that they discovered America first.

If you really want to know who discovered America, I firmly believe it was the families that were dispersed from the Tower of Babel. God confused the languages and drove them out in every direction. As they moved further away, they carried with them certain genes that were no longer shared with the rest of mankind, giving rise to the hundreds of different ethnic groups and languages known since that time.

Over several generations, some of those family groups crossed over on land or ice bridges and entered North America. They were the first ones to discover our land and their descendants are what we refer to as American Indians.

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