Muslim Migrant Accidentally Eats Meal with Pork, Blames Restaurant for Serving it

As an adult, if you have a food allergy, you thoroughly vet any and everything you put into your body, right? The same goes for not eating certain foods due to religion, or at least that’s what you’d think. A Muslim migrant recently went to a pub called Farmer John’s, in the UK, where he ordered and consumed chili fries. He never even questioned what was in ingredients until after he’d eaten.

The Sun reports that Naz Ali was so upset and stunned when he found out there was pork in his meal, that he ran to the bathroom to vomit it back up. He assumed the meat in the chili was chicken (who can’t tell the difference in chicken and pork?) and is now angry with the restaurant staff for not alerting him that the chili had pork.

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Ali said, “My friend said I should check what I was eating so I asked the waitress and at first she had no idea,” he continued,  “Then she came back and said she was really, really sorry because it was pork. I had food in my mouth and I spat it out and went to the toilet, where I was sick. I felt degraded.”

“For religious purposes I don’t eat pork and restaurants should be aware of what people of different religions can and can’t eat. It was a shambles,” he said. It is strictly prohibited to eat any kind of pig product in Islam.

However, after his outrage, the pub issued an apology. They said in a statement,  “We are sorry for Mr Ali’s experience, we have apologised and all costs for his table were waived on the day.”

I don’t see where the restaurant was in the least bit responsible for his shortcomings. How was the waitress supposed to just know that he was Muslim? I bet if he was allergic to the pork and ate it, he would still blame them for simply not knowing.

How ignorant.

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