Muslim Mosques Dotting America Like a Case of Measles

In 1980, there were just over 500 Muslim mosques in all of America.  Over the next 20 years an additional 700 mosques were built bringing the total to around 1,200.  In the next ten year, the total number nearly doubled to 2,106 mosques by 2011.  The growing number of red dots on a map of America was starting to look like a case of measles, representing a disease that was growing in strength with the threat of eventually causing severe damage to the host.

When you do place a red dot on a map of America not only does it look like a case of measles, but it also begins to mimic the blue Democratic voting map as well as a map of liberal voters.  The vast majority of mosques are found in and around the big cities with very few occurring in more rural area.

It should be no surprise to find out that California, New York and Texas have the most mosques.  What might surprise you is that some of the states that have a significant number of mosques are in what are traditionally known as conservative states.  Alabama has 31, Kentucky has 27 and Mississippi has 16 mosques.

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When one looks at the latest Census statistics, they will also find that the birthrate among Muslims has been on the rise as well as the number of Muslim immigrants.  It appears that the current administration has flung the immigration doors wide open to Muslims from around the globe, even though there have been more and more calls within the Muslim world to destroy America and Christianity as well as Israel and Judaism.

One fact on the growing number of Muslims in the US, is that very few of them are Caucasian.  The Muslim community is composed mostly of blacks, Arabs, Africans and South Asians.  And I don’t think it to be a coincidence that an African Muslim currently occupies the White House.

This infection has grown strong enough to start affecting the Christian health of our nation and our people.  Our Founding Fathers established America as a Christian nation but the current administration is doing its best to change America into a Muslim nation.  If Barack Obama is re-elected, it is almost certain that by the end of 2016, we will no longer be One Nation Under God.  America will have become One Nation Under Allah and free elections will be nothing more than something people will read about in history books, that is if they don’t distort this history as they have done to the rest of America’s history.

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