Muslim Student in TX Falsifies Stalker Report against White American

If Muslims in the United States don’t have an agenda, then Barack Obama is really a white conservative Christian.

Case in point is what Ambreen Sharif, a female Muslim student did last Friday.

Last Friday, she reported that she was stalked by a white man with a gun while on her way to classes at the University of Texas-Arlington. According to what she posted online and the police report she filed, she claimed that this white man in a white Ford pickup, wearing a camouflage baseball hat followed her for six miles. When she arrived at the school and parked, she says the man waved a handgun at her and shouted:

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 “Watch the f**k out, we’re killing all of you.”

Then Sharif took to Facebook where she posted:

“I have felt no closer to death before. I also closed my eyes and said Laa ilaha ill Allah, Mohammudur Rasool Ullah.”

“He could have very easily put a bullet straight in my face. He could have very easily killed me.”

“Im (sic) not going to generalize and say all Americans are like the ones that followed me today but I have to say that others like him will use the Chapel Hill incident of today and continue to do such hate crimes.”

“All we can do is protect ourselves and continue to pray to Allah that this country and its people learn to accept Muslims.”

An investigation was launched and the campus was put on alert. Campus police immediately issued a bulletin warning students to be on the lookout for the alleged stalker. The Muslim Students Association on campus also issued a bulletin recommending that all Muslim students travel in pairs or if alone at night to ask for a security escort to their car.

However, later Friday afternoon, Sharif admitted that the entire incident was a lie and never took place. The last I heard, she is now being investigated by police with the possibility of being charged with filing a false police report.

Neither she nor the authorities have given any reason as to why she concocted the false report of being stalked by a gun wielding white man. But I suspect it has everything to do with her reference to the shooting in North Carolina where a white man murdered a Muslim man, his wife and the wife’s sister. Ironically, authorities now believe that the North Caroline shooting had nothing to do with Islam nor was it a hate crime; rather it was rage that welled up from a long running feud over parking spaces.

Sharif, who was not aware of the facts in the North Carolina case evidently decided to throw gasoline on the ‘hate Muslim’ fires just like what Al Sharpton constantly does with the racial hate fires. Sharif has it in her head that all Americans hate Muslims and she wanted to make a point by claiming to be an innocent victim of a non-existent hate crime.

Like I say about people like Sharpton, Sharif needs to take a good long look at herself and her own bigotry and hatred before accusing others of being just like them. But when you have such a strong agenda filled with blind hatred, it’s nearly impossible for them to see the truth about themselves.

I hope the police throw the book at Ambreen Sharif for filing a false report, especially a false hate crime report and stirring up an entire university campus. The university needs to expel her and the local media needs to let everyone in the Arlington area know what she did and how hateful and untrustworthy she is.

My last recommendation is that if she hates white Americans that much, then she should pack up her things and move to a Muslim nation that treats women worse than they treat their livestock.

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