Muslim Upheaval Spreads Into Greece as Obama Still Blames Video

With the violence spreading throughout the Muslim world, it’s inevitable that Europe would feel the heat.

Except for some trouble in Britain, Europe had mostly escaped the wave of violence that has been fueled by the Obama Administration’s projection of American weakness and the perpetual recycling of discussion about “Innocence of Muslims,” the homemade anti-Islam YouTube video that’s being blamed for Muslim anger.

But now the Muslims have taken to the streets in Greece, setting the stage for possibly even more violence due to the growing popularity in that country of the Golden Dawn, a militant anti-immigrant political party with apparent Nazi roots.

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Police in central Athens used tear gas and pepper spray to disperse a crowd of about 600 Muslims who chanted, “All we have is Mohammed,” and “we are all with Osama,” while carrying signs calling for hanging the makers of “Innocence of Muslims” as they marched to the U.S. embassy. At least six people were arrested.

The conflict with Muslims is not new in Greece, however. As in other countries, the existence of the green-screen anti-Islam film that no one had heard about until Sept. 11 is just a pretext. Immigrants, legal and illegal, have been flooding Greece and feeding at the public trough for years, to the point that native Greeks are struggling with widespread unemployment, poverty and lack of available government services.

The Golden Dawn, which gained some power in the last elections, has been growing in popularity as it has targeted immigrants with bands of street thugs who have destroyed immigrants’ shops in public marketplaces. The Greek government has been stopping people in the streets and demanding identification papers. Illegal immigrants are being rounded up and sent to camps for deportation.

It remains to be seen what Golden Dawn’s reaction will be to Muslim rioting.

President Obama is expected to address the United Nations this week and condemn, yet again, the film. I wonder if it’s occurred to anyone in the administration that by calling so much attention to this nothing piece of video, that they’ve actually incited rioting around the globe?

Make no mistake, the blame for the current wave of Muslim anger rests squarely with this Administration. The liberals thought they were electing some sort of sorcerer who could wave a wand and make hundreds of years of Islamic hatred and disrespect for “infidels” vanish, that Obama could make Muslims like us.

In fact, the opposite has happened. Under President Bush, the United States showed its strength against the terrorism and chaos of the Muslim world, now under Obama we show our weakness. A recent study showed that under Bush, 33 percent of Muslims approved of the U.S., but under Obama that’s now less than half, only 15 percent approval.

With the move into Greece, with Golden Dawn waiting in the wings, the Muslims have opened a potentially deadly new chapter in the story of the failure of Obama’s foreign policy.

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