Muslims Go On Christian-Killing Spree — Again

President Barack Obama is itching to go to war in Syria over the deaths of Muslim “rebels,” many of whom are members of al-Qaida and their supporters.

Yet, there is a virtual genocide going on in Syria and other parts of the Muslim world against Christians, with churches targeted by bombs and missiles or simply burnt to the ground.

Christians have been beaten, raped and murdered in the most gruesome ways, including the dismembering of a young girl while she was still alive.

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In Peshawar, Pakistan, a suicide bomber killed at least 75 people and wounded more than 100 this morning as they were leaving church services to receive food being distributed outside. The dead included dozens of women and children.

In Kenya, a two-day standoff at a shopping mall has left at least 68 people dead and 175 wounded after a group of terrorists stormed the mall, looking to kill all the non-Muslims. At this writing, they are holding 30 hostages.

Throughout the “Arab Spring” there were countless reports of Christians and Jews being terrorized and murdered. In the aftermath in Egypt and elsewhere, there has been no letup.

Wherever there is a public disturbance in the Muslim world, it seems, Christians wind up being killed.

The Quran is the ultimate inspiration of the violence that is seen wherever Muslims are in power. Unlike the Bible, which tells Christians to spread the faith through words and example, the Quran commands Muslims to spread Islam by the sword.

The Christian Church has gone through times where it has fallen into sin and violence, but for Islam, violence is the norm. The Quran commands Muslims to conquer infidels and give them the choice of conversion, paying the djizya tax (indicating acceptance of second-class citizenship) or death.

During all his time in office, President Obama has promoted Islam, advanced opportunities for Muslims, favored Islamic groups, even supported the most extremist of Muslim groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida. And now he is using the deaths of Muslims to wag the dog in Syria.

But he has never spoken out against the slaughter of Christians, Jews or anybody else by Muslims.

The president claims to be a Christian, but it’s obvious where his sympathies truly lie, and it’s been obvious since before his Administration that his ambition is the furtherance of Muslim dominance at home and abroad.

Just as he has converted U.S. foreign policy to a pro-Muslim stance, you have to wonder how much longer it will be before he succeeds in converting America itself.

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