Muslims Happy with American Life, Democrats, and Bigger Government

Does it really surprise anyone to see the latest Pew Research Center poll that was released this week that revealed that Muslim Americans are more satisfied with their lives in the US than other Americans?

Why should it surprise us since they have a ‘Christian’ occupying the White House who makes untold concessions to Islam?

The Pew Research Center poll also indicated other differences between Muslim Americans and the general public:

  • Satisfied with direction the country is going – Muslims 56%, General Public 23%
  • Support President Obama – Muslims 76%, General Public 46%
  • Support bigger government and more services – Muslims 68%, General Public 42%
  • Support American military action following 9/11 – Muslims 38%, General Public 58%
  • Democratic Party affiliation – 70%, General Public 48%
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The influx of Muslims into America has been steadily increasing. Of those polled, 63% are first-generation immigrants of which 45% have arrived since 1990 leaving only 37% of Muslims born here in the US.

With the increased Muslim population, there have been noticeable changes occurring in American society. The public schools, that are not permitted to promote anything biblical or even mention Christ at Christmas, openly teach Islamic customs and holidays. Muslims are allowed to face Mecca, bow and pray in many schools, but Christians aren’t even allowed a moment of silence. Teachers freely ridicule Christian students in their classroom, but they don’t dare do the same to a Muslim because that would be considered a hate crime.

In the past three years, the White House has been celebrating Muslim holidays and feasts. The President has done more to promote relations with Islamic nations than he has to protect the rights of Christians (which he professes to be) here in America.

With the threat of Muslim extremism and their intolerance towards anyone who defames their religion or the Quran, many government and private institutions, including the media, seem fearful to take on the religion of hatred, while at the same time they regularly bash Christians and Christianity. And why is it that when someone says something against a Muslim, it’s considered a hate crime, but no one blinks an eye when a Christian is mocked, ridiculed, or openly slandered?

I have friends in Great Britain who have told me of the huge influx of Muslims into their country. Whole communities have been taken over by Muslims. A number of Christian churches have been converted into mosques. In many places the entire culture has changed from the typical British ways to Middle Eastern Islamic lifestyles and politics.

Like so many other trends, the US has a history of following what happens in Great Britain. The US has been about 20-30 years behind Great Britain in the decline of church attendance by Christians and now also seems to be about 10-20 years behind in the infestation of Muslims.

Whether America realizes it or not, we are on the path to becoming a Muslim nation unless we start voting for Christians in local, state, and federal elections. Christians who will stand up for the Christian heritage America was founded upon and restore our Constitution and Christian principles.

We need to heed the words of John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court who said: “Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation, to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.”

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