Muslims Throw 12 Christian Immigrants Overboard to Drown

Yeah, the religion of peace raises its ugly head once again. Most of the instances of Muslim violence are from the extremists, or so the argument goes. Many Muslims still claim that they are a religion of peace and that the acts of extremists should not reflect upon them all.

However, not all acts of Muslim violence are due to extremists and yes, it does reflect on the vast majority of them whether they like it or not.

Here in the US we have a Muslim judge that dismisses assault charges against a fellow Muslim and then lectures the victim about offending Islam. We are also hearing more and more cases of honor beatings and killings here in the US from the so-called peaceful majority of Muslims. Ironically these are the same Muslims who say they don’t want to change the US, but expect us to honor their sharia law, which is a huge change to American law, morals and culture.

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Much of the violence I see among Muslims is a complete intolerance for other religions, especially Christianity and Judaism. After all, their religion teaches them that everyone must convert to Islam or be killed, not tolerated or prayed for.

Look what happened this week to a dozen Christian migrants who were trying to flee Libya and make their way to Italy. The Christians were among 105 people who climbed into a rubber boat and headed north into the Mediterranean Sea with dreams of freedom in Italy. Along the way, a group of Muslims threw the twelve fellow migrants overboard to drown for the sole reason that they were Christian. All twelve Christians drowned at sea.

An Italian naval vessel intercepted the boat loaded with migrants and transferred them to a ship flying under a Panamanian flag. By the time the shipped docked in Palermo, Italy, police had learned of the executions and arrested fifteen Muslims for the murders.

In Pakistan, Muslims have set several Christians on fire just because they were Christian. In another instance, Muslims shot and killed over a hundred people who said they were Christian when asked.

Not only is Islam a violent religion but it is a direct and immediate threat to the safety and security of every Christian and Jew throughout the world, including here in America. Is there a solution to the problem? The First Amendment grants them religious freedom, even though Christians are rapidly losing their religious freedoms. Other than starting a worldwide religious war, I don’t see a solution to the growing threat of Islam and pray that our children and grandchildren can somehow escape the growing menace.

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