My County Sheriff Takes Stand Against Federal Gun Control, Is Yours?

As President Barack Obama and the liberal media continue to lie to America about what really happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School so they can pass their unconstitutional anti-guns laws, more and more country sheriffs are taking a stand.

I earlier reported on the Utah Sheriff’s Association where 28 of the 29 Sheriffs in Utah signed a letter to President Obama telling him that they will not enforce any federal gun laws or executive orders that violate the US Constitution and the Second Amendment.  In Oregon, Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller sent a letter to Vice President Joe Biden informing him that he will not enforce any unconstitutional gun laws or executive orders.

Perhaps one of the more well-known county sheriffs in the land is Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  He announced last week that he will refuse to enforce any unconstitutional gun laws or executive orders.  Sheriff Joe is no stranger to fighting with the Obama administration and has shown in the recent past that he won’t back down from them either.

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Now I’m pleased to report that my own county sheriff has also taken up the mantle of protecting the US Constitution and Second Amendment.  Boone County Sheriff Micheal Helmig issued the following statement on the department’s Facebook page:

“January 16, 2013

I have received numerous phone calls, e-mails, and in person questions from citizens who are concerned about their Second Amendment Rights. I would like to share with you my position on the Second Amendment, which I am a staunch supporter of. During my 30+ year career I have been committed to the safety and security of our citizens.

In 1982, I took an oath prescribed by the Kentucky Constitution to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. In addition to that oath, every Sheriff swears to an additional oath, required by state statute. Furthermore, the first page of our policy and procedure manual is the Bill of Rights.

Every Deputy Sheriff has taken these oaths to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America as well as the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

I do not believe the Federal Government or any individual in the Federal Government has the right to dictate to the states, counties or municipalities any mandate, regulation or administrative rule that violates the United States Constitution or it various amendments. I would view any such mandate, regulation or administrative rule illegal and refuse to carry it out.


Sheriff Michael A. Helmig
Boone County , Kentucky”

Have you contacted your county sheriff and asked him/her what they are going to do about the unconstitutional federal gun laws and executives orders?  Do you know if your Sheriff will defend your right to bear and own arms or will they succumb to the liberal Democrats and the liberal judges that support them?

If you don’t know, then stop right now and contact them.  Ask where they stand on the issue.  If they haven’t decided, then urge them to join the rest of the sheriffs across the country who are taking a stand to defend the Constitution and Second Amendment.

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