My GOP Proposal for the Next Four Years: Comply with Democrats 100 Percent

The stock-market’s plummet the day after President Obama was re-elected is the perfect symbol for what is to become of America over the next four years.

Obama not only beat Mitt Romney in Electoral College votes, but he did so handily (303 to 206). It appears that, at least for the time being, Americans are not ready to adopt conservative principles. That’s just the way it is.

Conservatives can use this to their advantage, however, and if they hope to have any influence in the future, they must. Otherwise this entitlement society, this kleptocracy, this highest national debt in the history of human civilization–in short, far-left progressivism–is here to stay. Conservatism’s only hope right now is for the Republicans in Congress to move out of the way and let Obama and his fellows do what they want.

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It sounds like suicide, but it really is our only chance.

Now that Obama has no election to worry about, a fact that his senior adviser was eager to tell his dissenters on Election Day, he is going to reveal who he truly is. He has nothing to hide about his agenda now. He will reveal it slowly over perhaps the next year or year and a half so that his followers don’t immediately jump out of the boiling water, but if you thought Obama was extreme, you haven’t seen extreme yet.

Let him be extreme. Let him be himself. Let him tarnish his own legacy. If Republicans prevent Obama from being himself–that is, enacting the policies he wants in place–the majority of Americans, the ones who voted for him a second time, will have no reason not to vote for a similar candidate in the future.

Do not misunderstand. This does not mean we abandon our conservatism; it simply means stepping aside and letting the Democratic Party self-destruct.

Take, for example, the ever-deepening Benghazi scandal. We must continue pursuit of the truth behind Obama’s cover-up, but instead of commencing impeachment proceedings that doubtless would be warranted when all is revealed, Republicans should simply hold a press conference, or perhaps hold a nationally televised public gathering on the Mall, in which the details of the scandal are revealed in full. It would be a mass public shaming of the President, a far-reaching revelation of his corruption, and voters would realize the true nature of the man they re-elected.

Similarly, Republicans should let the Bush tax rates expire on January 1 of this upcoming year. They should let it be publicly known that they oppose the tax increase on principle and that if they had it their way, the rates would remain the same, “But,” they should say, “this is what the Democrats are asking for, so it’s what the Democrats will get. We will not stand in the way of Democrats raising your taxes.” By telling the public that we are opposed to raising taxes, but that we’re just going to let Democrats do what they want, the public will know that whatever are the consequences will be the result of Democratic policy. So let the Bush tax rates expire. The public will place the blame for the ensuing calamity squarely on the Democrats’ shoulders.

Likewise with oil exploration. Democrats don’t want us to drill, Democrats want to pass legislation preventing us from drilling, fine. Republicans should make it publicly known that they will comply fully with Democrats in whatever they want to do with regard to oil, but that they still believe Democrats are wrong. Get it on record like that. And then when gas reaches $6.00 a gallon nationwide, the public will understand it is by no doing of the Republicans.

Americans have unwittingly decided to double down on the worst thing that could happen to America. It is what they want. Letting them feel the natural consequences of their decision by Republican compliance with Obama and the Democrats would be the best thing that could happen to America, and I strongly urge all conservatives who read this to spread the message.

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