NASA To Hire Obama: Can Reach Moon Via Pinocchio Nose

The Democratic National Convention has ended and I can’t tell you how glad I am to have that over with.  All I’ve heard is one exaggeration and lie after another.  Next to blaspheming the name of God, lying is the one thing that I cannot and will not tolerate.

If a person habitually exaggerates and lies, how can you trust what comes from the heart?

If a person habitually exaggerates and lies, how can you tell if and when they ever tell the truth?

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If a person habitually exaggerates and lies, how could anyone follow his leading?

Obama claims we are better off now than we were four years ago.  He cites healthcare.  Obamacare has driven up the cost of health insurance.  It has restricted effective medical treatment and is forcing thousands of private practice physicians to close their doors.

Obama claims that he will not increase taxes on the middle class.  Obamacare has a number of hidden tax increases that will affect everyone and most likely hit the middle class, seniors and those living in poverty the hardest.  I’ve seen estimates that range from $1500 to $3000 a year in tax increases that are the result of Obamacare and you bet your bottom dollar that he knows they are in the law.  The number of uninsured Americans is rising at an alarming rate because they cannot afford the higher cost for less coverage.

Obama claims we are better off because he saved General Motors from bankruptcy.  The stimulus package they pushed through Congress was $800 billion dollars and all Obama can say about it was that he saved General Motors.  What about the rest of America?

Obama claims he has created several million jobs, when in reality it is less than a million when balanced with the number of jobs lost.  His 43 consecutive months of unemployment of 8% or higher is the worst employment record in this history of our nation.  His unemployment figures are worse than those of the Great Depression.

Obama claims he will stem the tide of global warming and replace fossil fuels with environmentally friendly forms of energy.  He has spent billions of taxpayer dollars for one failed green project after another.  At the same time, he stops the Keystone XL pipeline which would have created 10,000 new jobs.  He continues to block efforts to tap into vast oil and natural gas reserves in Alaska and off our shores.

Obama claims that Mitt Romney’s business experience is one of closing American businesses and outsourcing jobs overseas.  He intentionally focuses on a few instances where that happened while failing to mention the majority of the instances that helped to create thousands of jobs here in America.  At the same time Obama accuses Romney of outsourcing jobs overseas, the Obama lead administration has done the very same thing by awarding defense contracts to overseas companies and spending billions of dollars of stimulus money on overseas projects and jobs.  Through Obamas immigration policy, he is allowing nearly a million illegal aliens to obtain work permits so they can take jobs away from American citizens.

Obama brags that he killed Osama bin Laden.  He makes it sound as if he was there in Pakistan and it was he who pulled the trigger.  He hasn’t told the public that he cancelled the raid on bin Laden three times before he had the guts to give the order.  There were hundreds of people involved in the raid on bin Laden and the only thing Obama did was say ‘yes’.

Obama claims that America is better off than we were 4 years ago, yet:

  • There are millions more families living at poverty level than ever before.
  • Nearly 15 million more Americans are relying on food stamps than when Obama took office.
  • Our national debt has increased over 50%.
  • Our federal credit rating has been downgraded for the first time in history.
  • America has become the laughing stock of much of the world, especially with Muslim nations.

If President Barack Obama were to be like the storybook character Pinocchio, whose nose grew when he told a lie, NASA would be hiring Obama in a heartbeat because his nose would have already stretched to the moon and probably be well on its way to Mars by now.

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