National Sharia Campaign Wants You to Embrace Them

In the wake of the anti-Sharia law in Oklahoma being ruled unconstitutional, the radical Islamic organization, Islamic Circle of North America, has launched a campaign to push their religion on the American public.

Bill boards have sprung up in the Kansas City, Kansas area promoting the National Sharia Campaign.  People in Kansas City who turn on their radios are liable to hear a paid radio commercial telling people to look into Islam, the religion of peace.  If you visit the group’s website you will see a graphic on their homepage that says, “Defending Religious Freedom, Understanding Sharia.”

In case you don’t believe they are trying to change America and our view of Islam and Sharia law, read the following taken from their webpage:

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“With the concept of Shariah cropping up in forums across the country, and states moving to ban courts altogether from the consideration or use of Shariah, the Islamic Circle of North America is taking action. The organization’s “Understanding Shariah” campaign is geared to tackle what can easily be labeled one of the most controversial and misunderstood issues in the nation today.

“Launched in May 2011, the Understanding Shariah campaign is an educational initiative that hopes to “help the public understand Shariah and counter the rise of Islamophobia in America.” Naeem Baig, Executive Director of the ICNA Council for Social Justice hopes the campaign will further shift focus from the misnomer “Shariah law” and draw attention to what he feels is really at stake here—religious freedom. “[Because of the freedoms granted under the First Amendment] Jewish family law is acceptable in civil courts today,” says Baig. “Muslims are as American as any other faith group, and are deserving of these rights as well.”’

In Kansas, the pro-family Christian group, Culture Shield Network, has launched a campaign to counter the Islamic advertising assault in their area.  CSN’s founder Donna Lippoldt says,

“Sharia law says that a man can just declare that he is divorced, and a woman has no recourse; a man can have multiple wives, and a woman just has to be silenced and abused.

“We believe that our Kansas Constitution will back us up.  We are aware of what happened in Oklahoma, but I will tell you that there have been people in our capital, in Topeka, from the Muslim faith trying to influence the legislators to be very sensitive and that they do want sharia law implemented in Kansas.”

Lippoldt says the ad campaign in Kansas City is most likely due to the Muslim group’s efforts to block Senate Bill 2087 that has been introduced in the Kansas state senate.  The bill forbids courts from using any foreign law in Kansas.  She said they learned from the Oklahoma law and the wording they used that caused a judge to rule the law unconstitutional.

America’s Christians need to wake up and take action before the blue field with white stars on our nation’s flag is replaced with a crescent moon and our money reads ‘In Allah We Trust.’

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