Nearly 80 Congressmen/Women Join Lawsuit to Challenge Contraception Mandate

There is no doubt that President Barack Obama’s controversial contraception mandate is an attack on the First Amendment right of freedom of religion.  Obama’s socialist agenda is doing its best to force progressive healthcare on an unwilling nation.

Although there are waivers available for religious institutions, which have proven to be rather difficult to obtain, there is nothing in the contraception mandate to protect the religious rights of private business owners.  Regardless of how strongly a business owners religious beliefs are, the mandate dictates that they must violate their beliefs and provide free coverage to their employees for contraceptives (which many are actually early abortifacients) along with other abortion producing drugs and sterilization.

In a surprise move, one federal judge has issued a temporary injunction to prevent Hercules Industries from having to comply with the contraception mandate.  The family owned HVAC company takes their Catholic faith very seriously and even have a company mission statement expressing their intent on helping their employees grow financially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

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Following the example set by the owners of Hercules Industries, a number of other privately owned companies have been filing similar law suits against the federal government and the contraception mandate.  Many religious institutions, many of which have been unable to obtain a religious waver, are also filing suit to prevent themselves of being forced to violate their own religion.

Among the growing number of lawsuits being filed against the contraception mandate are those being filed by over forty different Catholic organizations.  Some of the Catholic plaintiffs include the Archdiocese of Chicago and New York and Notre Dame.

In a move that I hope you find encouraging, the seventy-nine members of Congress have joined with the America Center for Law and Justice in filing ‘friend of the court’ briefs in twelve different lawsuits filed by many of the Catholic organizations.  The federal government has filed for dismal of the twelve lawsuits.  The ‘friends of the court’ filings were made to the courts in support of the lawsuits and asking the courts to accept the cases and not dismiss them.

ACLJ has a list of the 79 members of the U.S House of Representative on their website.  I would check the list to see if your Congressman/woman is on the list and if so, let them know that you support them and their stand against the contraception mandate.  If your Congressman/woman is not on the list, then I urge you to contact them and insist that they join in the fight to preserve our religious rights from being threatened.

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