Need a Hero? Try 8 Year Old Tyler Doohan

In today’s decadent America, so many young people look to celebrities as heroes.  They become fixated on people like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber who turn out to be spoiled self-centered brats who think only of themselves.

In the world of politics, so many liberals are looking at Barack Obama as their hero because he’s black and pro-gay rights and pro-abortion and anti-gun.  But when you take a good look at the worst president in US history, you can’t help but discover that he doesn’t care about anyone other than himself.  While millions of Americans are losing their jobs, homes and families, he has no problem spending millions of our taxpayer dollars for numerous vacations and sending his daughters to Mexico and Colorado on Spring break.

Someone once asked me what my definition of a hero is and I said that’s someone who puts the wellbeing of others ahead of themselves and then I share the account of a real life hero.  Years ago, I read an account of a man named Tom who was working a crane at a construction site in New York City.  The load on the crane shifted causing it to collapse.  Tom found himself faced with two options, either jump from the crane and save his own life or try to swing the crane away from the city street and into the construction pit, which most likely would mean certain death for him.  For Tom, the decision was easy and he put all of his skills to work to turn the crane so as to collapse it into the construction.  That day, the street where the crane would have collapsed was packed with people, but Tom was willing to sacrifice his life for all of those strangers.  It turns out that he wasn’t killed but he was severely injured and spent months in the hospital undergoing dozens of surgeries.

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My definition of a hero is someone like Tom.

My definition of a hero is also someone like 8 year old Tyler Doohan.

Tyler woke up to find his grandfather’s mobile home on fire.  If any of you have ever lived in a mobile home, you should realize that they are fire traps.  Once on fire, it spreads fast and usually destroys the entire mobile home in a few minutes.  As the fire raced through this mobile home, Tyler started waking up his family and urging them to get out.  This 8 year old managed to get his grandmother, aunt and cousins safely out of the mobile home.  Six people saved, but Tyler wasn’t done.  He raced back into the inferno to try to help his disabled uncle get into his wheelchair and escape and to get his grandfather.  By that time, the fire had spread too far and was too intense.  After the fire department arrived and managed to put the fire out, Tyler’s father found his son’s body next to the uncle’s bed.

Most people would never have rushed back into such an intense and consuming fire, but young Tyler knew he had to try to save his uncle and grandfather.  The three of them were the only casualties of the fire.  Tyler Doohan managed to save six members of his family and died trying to save two more.

If you need a hero for your kids to look up to, don’t let them to waste their time on self-centered celebrities or politicians.  Find a picture of Tyler Doohan on the web and share his story with them.  My kids grew up knowing about Tom and his crane and that he was a true hero, not some singer, actor or politician.  I hope your kids will grow up knowing the story of Tyler Doohan and that he will become their real life hero.

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